Monday, May 31, 2010

Road ID Giveaway

There is this giveaway going on that is really neat. These bracelets, anklets, dog tags and much more provide identification for athletes who enjoy getting outside and running, biking, hiking, whatever suits your fancy. They are kind of pricey, but are worth it if you are going to be doing any of the above things by yourself. The Road ID allows you to put any contact information that you want to on it. 

" Road ID creates rugged identification gear for outdoor athletes so they can be identified in case of emergency or accident. The company’s line of customized IDs is an integral part of any active person’s gear and can be worn on the wrist, shoe, ankle or around the neck."

Check out this giveaway on this blog. It is really neat and safe. 

Road ID Giveaway

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Gusher 5K

I have been a little behind on my race recaps, so I am going to try and catch up today on that. Between finishing up the end of the school year, traveling, and the many baby showers that I am going too, it has been a little crazy. 
The first weekend in May was the Gusher Full/Half Marathon and 5K. It was the first time they were holding this event in the Beaumont area. I wanted to run it, because I thought it might have been a pretty good race. Boy.....was I a little bit wrong about that. Karen decided to run it too. She was debating about running the half, but I think in the end she was glad that she did not run it. 
We had to pick up our race packets the night before at a hotel in Beaumont. 

It was not very organized within the hotel. They had people yelling at other people to let them know which line they should be in. Next year, hopefully they will find a different way to do that...such as signs.
We got our packets and t-shirts. They were DRI-FIT!!!! We were so excited. All the other shirts from all the 5K's we had ran were cotton. I was very excited to see a dri-fit shirt and they were pretty nice too.
This was all of our goodies that we had in our bag. On the race bib there was a shoe tag. That is how they know when you finish and at what time/place. I am actually very proud of these people who put this on, because Beaumont is a pretty big town, but there are not that many races that happen there verses other places. They are really trying to promote running and good health in the area and are coming up with more 5K's each year.

So race morning, I knew we needed to get up and get going because I was not sure were how exactly to get to the race. Our plan was to leave around 6:30 to get there in plenty of enough time. Well I guess my amazing husband did not get the memo. He decided to cook a huge breakfast for him and Jason and we did not end up leaving until 7. Now, I know what you are thinking, that's only 30 minutes later. Well it takes around 30 minutes to get to Beaumont and by the time we got to Beaumont, we find out there are road closures and that the way that I know how to go is all blocked off.
Then to top that off, we ask a cop how to get to the race/Montagne Center and he sends us in a different direction. After driving through quite a few different neighborhoods and me jumping out of the car to ask some people handing out water, we finally made it! It was 7:50 and the race started at 8!!!!!
Karen and I were so nervous about being late that we took off running when we got out of the car and just told the boys to follow us. We were still not sure where to go, but we just took off.
After asking a few people and seeing the starting line, we knew were in the right area and almost there.
We even had enough time to take a few pictures before the race started.
Us with our Running of the Ears shirt on. I also got those super cute headbands for Karen and I. They are glittery and so cute. They were selling them at school.

The race starts and it is hot and humid and so nasty. I had to go to the potty so bad, but I could not find one anywhere, so I had to start the race needing to go to the bathroom but could not. (very frustrating). When we started some of the people running the half had not gotten through yet, so we were weaving in and out a whole whole lot. Karen said it was worse for this race then when she ran the Disney half. As a person running the half, I would have been more than frustrated at them for starting the 5K before everybody had gotten through.
I get to the first water station and everything is going okay. I get to the next one and the water is so hot. I could barely take a sip without spitting it out, but I knew I needed it. Then on the last water station there was not even ANY WATER LEFT!!!!! They only had gatorade left. I was not going to drink that, but seriously how do you run out of water in a 5K!!!!
Here I come. I was so nasty and ready to be finished from this race. I get to the finish line and guess what.....I PR'd!!!! haha j/k Well I kind of did. My time was 27 minutes and some seconds. But then I looked at my garmin and the distance for the race was only 2.7 miles. I was not very happy. They did not measure it out correctly. Turns out the cop that told us where to turn completely missed a turn that we were supposed to take.
I finally got to go to the bathroom after the race. There was only ONE port a potty. I thought they were crazy for not having more for how many runners were there.
We decide to relax for a while and then head home, but not before...I got to get my free sample smoothie from Smoothie King.

We both PR'd!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! haha

We went to my brothers after that and we took showers and then Karen and Jason left, but I stayed for my nieces birthday party. I loved being able to spend time with all my family today.
When Brian and I got home I posted some tips on the Gusher forum and they liked what I had told them, but the next day, I got a message from a reporter in Beaumont wanting me to talk about what I thought about the race and the tips that I gave.
I decided not to call because I did not want my name and information in the paper. I just hope that they take my tips seriously.
It was a pretty good race, but they can improve on a lot of things (mainly the DISTANCE of the race route).
I think I may run it next year, just to see how it has changed.

Up Next: Contraband Days 5 Miler!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Village Creek Catfish Festival Recap

2 weekends ago was the Village Creek Catfish Festival. I have not had time to recap about the race since then, so I am doing that now. It was the first time that they did this 5K and it was very well organized for it being the first time. Way better then I thought it would be. I had not been feeling good that night before and that day, so I probably should not have ran, but I did anyways. My highschool athlete came out in me, where anytime I got sick I would just suck it up and play the game or run anyways, so that is just what I did.
Before the race. I only saw one other person wearing a running skirt and she was not very nice whenever I complimented her on hers. Oh well. I am sporting my running of the ears shirt where it all started with a skirt! hehe
And we are off. They were not very good about letting us know when to start, everybody just kind of started running. I was just a little bit surprised about that. Brian told me they were about to start and so that is whenever I started running.
My dad was in this group whenever he was training for his marathon. I would love to join this running group, but they are a little farther away to drive every Saturday morning.
I felt horrible, as you can tell there was no smile and my sleeves were rolled up completely. I was so hot and nasty and did not feel good at all, but I did finish!
Mrs. Jennifer and her son were also there to run the race! It was his first race and he did so awesome! I was so proud of him!
Brian was there to support me as he always is! I love him so much for always being there for me!

I will be running this one next year if they have it. I know it will be even better next year since this was their first year! Up next....The Gusher 5K and then the Contraband 5 Miler!