Monday, November 28, 2011

Winner of the Handful Bra

80 I know I am a little bit late on this, but I was so busy this weekend with getting ready for school, cleaning and Christmas shopping/wrapping. I had an amazing Thanksgiving and Black Friday holiday. I know you are so excited to see who the winner of the Handful Bra Review/Giveaway is. So here you go.......

The winner of the Handful Bra is.............................

Im The Marigold from Knickers in a Twist.

This was her comment that won....

Blogger ImTheMarigold said...

I'm doing a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day and then bikram yoga on Saturday.

Congratulations on winning. Please e-mail me at and I will tell you how you can get your free Handful Bra. And Thanks for following! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Don't Forget about my Giveaway!!!

Don't forget about my giveaway HERE!!! 

My giveaway ends Friday for a free Handful bra! They are amazing and so worth it! Come check it out! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Who wants a Handful?? Bra Review and Giveaway

How many of you out there struggle to find just the right type of running clothing? Whether it be shorts, tops, socks, shoes, bras, etc? I like many of you are one of those people especially when it comes to running bras. I am not exactly the largest person in the world up top or the smallest, but I do struggle with finding the right type of bra that does make me look flat chested and more like a woman.

I have gone through so many different types of bras it is ridiculous trying to find just the right one. When I go searching for bras, they are either....
1. To tight or to big. 
2. Not flattering at all. 

I am not sure about you, but whenever I run I want to feel some support and I want to feel and look like a woman whenever I run somewhere. That is why I am so excited that I am not the owner of a Handful bra!
I am so excited to have one of these. These bras are designed to "flatter, NOT flatten." I took this bra on the ultimate test, that is a 10 mile run to try it out on Saturday and not only did it not move, no chafing or anything. It was fantastic! It was a beautiful day and this bra made my run and me :0) look and feel so much better.
These bras can be worn daytime or night time. I wore mine for my 10 mile run and then wore it again out for the day. I could not even tell that I was wearing it.

The Handful bra comes with "two removable and replaceable pads." It also has elastic criss-cross straps across your back that do not cut into your skin or leave marks or any kind. They stay put and move with your body as you workout.
Criss-Cross Straps

I love the criss-cross straps. I have fairly large shoulders and these straps fit right in the middle.

The handful bra was "created to fit your style in and out of the gym. It conceals from warm up to cool down so you've got two less things to worry about during your workout."

The Handful bra also comes in this fun and amazing mesh bag for "less waste and convenient laundering of the bra and pads." this way you do not mess up your bra whenever you go to throw it in the washing machine.
I ordered black because I can wear it with just about any of my running clothes, but there are also so many other colors you can choose from, such as.....

The sizing is very simple as well with sizes ranging from X-Small - Large.

Are you ready for a chance to win your very own Handful Bra! Sure you are! :0) Here is how you can win:

  • Become a follower of Running Through Life or if you already are, tell me you are. 
  • Like Handful Bra on Facebook, and let them know that I sent you! 
  • Blog, Tweet (mention me in your tweet kkay6) or facebook about this review/giveaway and leave a separate comment for each. 
  • Let me know which color Handful bra you would love to have! 
  • Bonus: Tell me what you are going to do on Thanksgiving to get your workout in? 
The Giveaway will end on Friday, November 25th and I will announce a winner on Saturday. 

Disclaimer: I received my handful bra free of charge, but these opinions are my own. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Giveaway Coming Soon

I will be having a review/giveaway coming soon for an AMAZING product! I just tried it out yesterday and LOVED it so much! Stay tuned!

Oh and I made it to Thanksgiving Break! I now have a week off from teaching! woohooooo :0)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Survive WW 3.5 Mud Run

This past Saturday, I completed the 2nd Annual Survive WW3.5 Mud Run. This time around I ran with my sister-in-law and a friend that I work with! We had a blast! There was not as much mud this time around, but it beyond fun and the obstacles were way harder than last time. Be aware, there are MANY pictures to come......

 Before the race ready to run and get muddy! 
 Karen, Lorie, Alexis and I ready to get down and dirty! 
 This was my first race to run in my vibrams. I had to cut my socks so that I could get my feet into the toes. The race was awesome and my feet did not come out of the shoes at all! 
 Karen and I before the race! This was her first mud run. 
 Waiting at the start line to go! There were so many different costumes. We were the Mighty Morphin  Power Rangers. 
And were off! 
 One of the first obstacles. This one was not to bad. 
 There was a trench before this obstacle and Karen lost not one, but two shoes in it. I was grateful my shoes did not come off. 

 Brian caught us as we were running away from an obstacle. 
 Before we went into the freezing cold trench! When I saw freezing, I mean FREEZING COLD WATER! 
 Some people went flying into the water and I almost did, but I wanted to get the picture on the other side and they had to see your number. 

 I am grateful it did not come above my head this time like at the last run. 

 Our legs felt like needles were stabbing them because it was so cold. 

 I was so upset at myself for this obstacle. You had to climb up the tube and then climb on the monkey bars across. I made it halfway across, but the bars kept turning and it was killing my wrist! I can tell I am so much stronger from doing Insanity though. 
 The very last obstacle. It was fun, but I wish there was more mud. However, there has been a severe drought in SETX and any water that is on the ground gets soaked up so quickly! 

 We decided that rather than walking through, we would just DIVE right in.....And so WE DID!!!!!! 
 This is one of my favorite pictures from the race! I LOVE IT! 
 Laughing, but still had a great time! 

 We found Crystal who I work with. She ran in the wave after us. 
 Nice, muddy, power rangers. 
 I finished. Muddy and All and loved it. 
 Now it is time to get rinsed off and changed. My one mistake was that when I was changing in the port o potty I left my medal in there, but somebody actually found it and is mailing it to me. How random and AWESOME is that! 
 After race food. So bad, but so beyond good! 
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with our Morphing Coins! We are ready to morph! 

Overall, this race was awesome and I want to do it again. I have my sights set on the next Mud Run they do as well as the Warrior Dash right now! I am waiting for the professional pictures to come and then I will post those! 
Running and Insanity News
I am still going insanity. This week I am a couple of days past 2 weeks. According to the Fit Test I progressed about 5-10 different reps more than the first Fit Test. I have not missed any days and as well as that I registered for my 5th half marathon last week. The Run Girl 13.1 Half Marathon! 

Friday, November 4, 2011


I am so beyond excited about the Survive WW3.5 Mud Run tomorrow! I ran the same mud run back in May HERE
This race is supposed to be bigger and better than before with more obstacles and even more mud/water. How many times can you actually say that you are going to go run and play in the mud and not have your mother or father telling you not to because you will get to muddy! It is AWESOME!!!!

I made a few changes for this race. One, was the people. While I am not going to talk about it in to much detail on here and I still communicate with the other girls somewhat, let's just say that some people do not appreciate other people's help and do not recognize when you are trying to assist or help at the end of a race to see them across the finish line. As well, some people do not understand that you are not running the entire race with them because you are at a different speed or that you are running with another person that is at your pace and in the same group.
Oh well, all is said and done and I am so excited to run with my sister-in-law Karen and my friend/co-worker Lori!! They are amazing girls who are ready to get just as MUDDY as I am!
One of my favorite pictures from the race! 
The next thing that I changed is that I am running in my vibrams!!
And last but not least, we are running as POWER RANGERS!! Not just any power rangers; we are the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! (More pictures of that to come I promise).

Stay tuned for my race recap coming up soon in a couple of 
days with lots of pictures (hopefully)!