Friday, November 4, 2011


I am so beyond excited about the Survive WW3.5 Mud Run tomorrow! I ran the same mud run back in May HERE
This race is supposed to be bigger and better than before with more obstacles and even more mud/water. How many times can you actually say that you are going to go run and play in the mud and not have your mother or father telling you not to because you will get to muddy! It is AWESOME!!!!

I made a few changes for this race. One, was the people. While I am not going to talk about it in to much detail on here and I still communicate with the other girls somewhat, let's just say that some people do not appreciate other people's help and do not recognize when you are trying to assist or help at the end of a race to see them across the finish line. As well, some people do not understand that you are not running the entire race with them because you are at a different speed or that you are running with another person that is at your pace and in the same group.
Oh well, all is said and done and I am so excited to run with my sister-in-law Karen and my friend/co-worker Lori!! They are amazing girls who are ready to get just as MUDDY as I am!
One of my favorite pictures from the race! 
The next thing that I changed is that I am running in my vibrams!!
And last but not least, we are running as POWER RANGERS!! Not just any power rangers; we are the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! (More pictures of that to come I promise).

Stay tuned for my race recap coming up soon in a couple of 
days with lots of pictures (hopefully)! 

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