Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Wedding

I thought that I might put up a little bit about Brian and I. I have not said much about him, but he is amazing and I love him with everything that is in me. So here goes...

I met Brian in 2004 at my high school basketball game. He was this tall skinny guy wearing a green Brett Farve jersey, beige pants and a yellow hat. We hit it off right away and he had told his friend that he thinks that he found THE girl!
The picture to the left is of Brian and I at my parents house. As you can see he has that same yellow hat on. Since Brian and I did not live in the same town, we could only see each other on the weekends. It was very hard to have a distance relationship, but looking back now, I can see how much we both grew in that relationship.

Since this was my Senior year, I decided to go to Stephen F. Austin for college while Brian was going into his third year at McNeese! This picture was from one of the SFA games while I was in college.
Brian had been wanting to move to Texas for a while after he graduated McNeese, and well....he finally did. He ended up being able to move to Tyler. I was so excited about this because we had never been closer than and 1 1/2 hours away from each other!

Okay, fast fast forward a year. He ended up moving to the same town as me  and a few months after that happened he popped the question. YES...THE QUESTION!! I had been waiting 4 years for this question!

The picture above was one of our engagement pictures at the lake. We were engaged for 8 months and then married on May 16, 2009! I can actually say after 5 years Brian and I are married and so excited to start our life's together.      

The picture to the left is from our Wedding. I could not be happier to be with the person that God has planned for me since I was born! To answer the question of "How is married is great!

That was not the only milestone in our life's that year. I also graduated from college. I am officially an SFASU alumni with a Bachelors degree in EC-4 certification. I can teach Kindergarten through 4th grade now. YEAH!!!!!!!!

I am so excited about where God is leading us in our life's now and what is going to happen in the future.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweat....or No Sweat!!

Last week I went out and ran and it felt so great outside. I could not believe it had warmed up. I even sweated a little bit and that was crazy, since I have not sweated at all since before December. Well, I walk outside today and it is freezing cold. What is with this Texas weather! It is crazy. It will be hot on Christmas and then cold in the middle of when it is supposed to start warming up. Seasons do not really exist in Texas and almost never have. To give you an idea of what it looked like about 2 weeks ago at the lake I live close to here is a quick picture.

This is a picture of the rock that is right by the water and it has water splashing up on it. Well not today, it is frozen to the rock. It is beautiful, but that just shows how cold it is. It feels the same today. It is freezing outside, so today, I will be running my two miles on the treadmill at my parents home.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

4 Miles!!!! I did it!!

Okay, okay, I know it is not 13 miles or even 26 miles, but still I have never ran more than 4 miles and I actually did today.
Brian is down this weekend and he decided to go run with me. His group that he runs with runs 5 miles in 47 minutes. Crazy....YES!!!! He decided to run through the trails in the woods and I ran down the road and through a few dead end streets. It started raining as we started out to run, but then it cleared up. It felt great outside and I was doing awesome with running. I knew since I had not ran 4 miles before, I knew I was going to need to stop a few times so that I could make it the whole way. I only stopped 5 times for .2 miles the whole time! I was very proud of myself!

As I started running back, Brian found me and he was finished. I still had 1.5 miles to go, so he went and got us both something to drink as I finished. I decided to run some of the trails that he ran on the way back, because I knew I would not be able to make one mile running back to meet him. Now, remember that rain I was telling you about, well it came again, except it poured. Talk about a burst of energy. It felt so great. I practically ran the rest of the way (.5 miles) up to the road and to the car to meet Brian.

It is so different running by yourself though. I ran 3 miles with my sister Karen the other day and only stopped once for .2 miles. It is such an encouragement to have somebody to run with vs. running by yourself. It helps to keep your mind off of your running and enjoying the company of somebody else. I wish we lived closer so that we could run more often!

Anyways, 4 miles down today, 3 miles coming on Monday and then next Saturday is 5 miles.....YIKES!!!!

New at this!!

I have not had a blog since I did xanga and even then I was not very good with this. However, I am going to try and use this to keep up with my running and the many things that are to come in Brian and I's life. He is currently in the Trooper Academy and I am waiting to find out where we are going to be placed.

This could be an interesting ride, since I am a small town girl that has never lived in a city, and we could be placed anywhere in Texas!

I started running in January 2009 before my wedding because I wanted to start feeling better about myself. I used to do sprinting/track in high school as well as many more sports, but I had stopped on account of college and trying to keep my grades high. Well now, I am out of college and I want to start running and eventually get up to a 10K or even a half marathon. I was amazing when I was able to run 2 miles without stopping, so to get to 6 miles would be amazing for me.