Saturday, January 23, 2010

4 Miles!!!! I did it!!

Okay, okay, I know it is not 13 miles or even 26 miles, but still I have never ran more than 4 miles and I actually did today.
Brian is down this weekend and he decided to go run with me. His group that he runs with runs 5 miles in 47 minutes. Crazy....YES!!!! He decided to run through the trails in the woods and I ran down the road and through a few dead end streets. It started raining as we started out to run, but then it cleared up. It felt great outside and I was doing awesome with running. I knew since I had not ran 4 miles before, I knew I was going to need to stop a few times so that I could make it the whole way. I only stopped 5 times for .2 miles the whole time! I was very proud of myself!

As I started running back, Brian found me and he was finished. I still had 1.5 miles to go, so he went and got us both something to drink as I finished. I decided to run some of the trails that he ran on the way back, because I knew I would not be able to make one mile running back to meet him. Now, remember that rain I was telling you about, well it came again, except it poured. Talk about a burst of energy. It felt so great. I practically ran the rest of the way (.5 miles) up to the road and to the car to meet Brian.

It is so different running by yourself though. I ran 3 miles with my sister Karen the other day and only stopped once for .2 miles. It is such an encouragement to have somebody to run with vs. running by yourself. It helps to keep your mind off of your running and enjoying the company of somebody else. I wish we lived closer so that we could run more often!

Anyways, 4 miles down today, 3 miles coming on Monday and then next Saturday is 5 miles.....YIKES!!!!

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