Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running Skirt and Top For Sale!!!!!!

Okay girls and guys, I am cleaning house and have a Running Skirt for sale as well as a Running Skirt Top for sale. The running skirt is pre-owned and has been worn around 4 or 5 times. It is pink on the sides and hip and black on the front and back. It is a size 3 in Running Skirts, which fits a size M (8-10) normally.  It has briefs underneath the shorts. There is two pockets on the side of the skirt, just large enough to fit some gu's, energy gels, cell phone or ipod. I love all my skirts and I am sad to sell this one, but it just does not fit anymore.  Here are a few pictures of the skirt.

The sides of the skirt are a little pinker than the picture shows.

Sorry it is sideways, but this shows the pockets on the side of the skirt.

The briefs underneath the skirt.
 If you are interested in buying this skirt you can contact me at kaylajean87 AT yahoo DOT com.

Up next is a Running skirts top. It is a yellowish/gold sleeveless top. It was purchased off of for $34.00. It has been gently worn 3 times. Just like the running skirt, it is to big now and I am wanting to sell it. It is a Medium and it fits a little bit bigger than a M(8-10) It has the official running skirt logo on the back of the shirt. Here are a few pictures of the shirt.

If you are interested in purchasing either one of these items please let me know as soon as possible. I will let you know about shipping, since it will depend on where I have to ship them too.  

The running skirt is $15.00 and the running skirt top is also $15.00.  
(So if you buy both, it is only $30.00 plus shipping. That is cheaper than just one skirt!)

If you post this on your blog to let other people know, there may be an extra treat for the person that I choose randomly.
Let me know though by leaving me a comment that you posted this on your blog or facebook. (seperate comment for each place, please) These will be for sale for 5 days before I possibly put them on ebay. So, you all have first choice.

Remeber, if you are interested, please e-mail me at kaylajean87 AT yahoo DOT com. 

Thank you.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Next Half Coming up RnR Dallas

Next time you see or hear from me I will be wearing one of these......

I am really excited about this race, because I am running it with my sister-in-law Karen and her and Brian's cousin that is an avid runner and I am going to see Brian's family that lives in Dallas! I am hoping that I will be able to keep up with Karen and her cousin, but I am not sure if that will happen.  Brian doesn't get to come with, even though he and I both want him to come. That is okay though, at least I am not going alone.

Also, at the beginning of the race will be these "kinda" (well very famous) people who I am VERY EXCITED about.....

That is right....The DALLAS COWBOY CHEERLEADERS!!! If you have not seen their show "Making the Team" you should. It is really good and I try to watch it as much as I can catch it! They will be kicking the race off, which is really cool!

Whenever we get their, I have to change my name in the system. Funny story....My sister-in-law Karen registered me for this race and registered me with my maiden name instead of my married name. That is what she thought of whenever she registered. I have to get my name changed now so that I will be able to get the extra medal for running two rock n roll races in one year.

I am also excited because guess who else will be there.....

That's right......Running Skirts will have a booth there!! I have never seen them at an expo, so I am really excited about them being there!! I don't plan on buying a skirt there, but I just want to see them! I can not wait!! This is going to be a great weekend!!

Wish me luck as I run the..............................

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweaty Bands Review, Cleaning and Cupcake Half Marathon

Lot's of stuff to talk about on this post! I hope you stay with me through all of this. Don't worry, there will be quite a few pictures! These are the things I am going to talk about...
  1. Sweaty Bands Review
  2. My backroom Organization
  3. Cupcake Half Marathon
First off, the Sweaty Bands Review! 

Donna over at Sweaty Bands has allowed me to review a couple of Sweaty bands for her. She gave me a thick Sweaty band and a skinny sweatyband. I was going to try to give one away, but my Boxer puppy decided he had other things in mind. He chewed through one of my sweaty bands, so I of course had to buy another one. I was not a happy camper when I found the sweaty band in his mouth the black part in half!

Anyways, Sweaty Bands are made for women and girls who still want to look put together while they are dripping with sweat! They are the ultimate exercise and sport headband. The secret is the interior lining. It gently grips onto your hair and won't come off until you take it off. They soak up a ton of sweat and are washable. They come in tons of really cute designs that can match any outfit that you want them to go with! 

You can throw these in your gym bag or backpack without having to worry about them breaking or tearing because they are very flexible. 
Donna is an awesome woman who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Half. She makes these because she loves to and loves to see girls and women rocking the styles and staying healthy!

The orange sweatyband is the one that my lovely boxer ate. I got to wear it one time and then it was gone! It was nice, but I like my pink, black and white one a little bit more!

The picture above is the thick band and it is brown, white and black. The picture to the right and pictured above is a skinny band and is white, pink and black. That is the one I ordered in place of my other one, my dog ate. These bands are $15.00 and they come in thick, skinny and super skinny widths.

Sweatybands did not send me this one, however I ordered this on off of and LOVE it! These headbands do not slip. I have one them for 2 half marathons and they never moved or came even close to slipping. I would recommend these for any activity. I have biked and ran in these for over an hour to two hours at a time. The material is great and they have such neat designs that you can not have just one. You have to get one to match each outfit. 

Go check out their facebook Here
Go check out their website Here.

Go Check them out. They are amazing and very reasonably priced.

*Next up is, "My backroom Organization!!!!" I am very proud of what my husband and I accomplished!!!*
This is what our backroom looked like before! A mosh posh of just a bunch of different things. It was a mixture of our stuff with some of my mom and dad's stuff. So we decided we wanted to go through it all and organize it and make it into what it is supposed to be...a sun room!
So, from all that mess, we ended up with this....

 Much, much better. See the dog in the picture. TJ just had to be in the picture! This room is partly going to be his room too.
 This is kinda like our sunroom, library and little sitting area. You can kind of see the table on the side of the picture. Below is a picture of the table setting that I found. You want to know where I found that table setting at????? Look below to see where......

I got this table setting at The Dollar Store. I thought it was so cute and all of this was either a $1.50 or less each! I am going to be going back to get some more in the next couple of weeks! I thought it was so cute and colorful!

********************************And last, but not least......*****************************

The Cupcake Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K

I decided to run the half marathon. This Marathon started March 24th and ends on March 26th. you can choose to run either a Marahton, half marathon or 5K. However, the trick to this race is that you do not have to do it all in one day! Thank goodness. You can check out their page Here!
I decided to run the half marathon. This Marathon started this past Sat. I even made my own race bib, with their picture of course! This was after my 3 mile run earlier.
Now for the other pictures for proof for them and to show you.

 These are the two pictures I have of my garmin, but I forgot to take a picture of one of the times I ran, so I will have to get that off of my garmin tracking on my computer. So far though with these I have ran 8.83 miles.

In all though, I ended up running 14.01 miles. I am excited about it and just have to turn in my information to them. If you have not already seen this, go check it out and at least get involved in the 5K. It is a great way to get out and get involved in exercising!

That is all for today folks. That is quite a few days rolled into one. I hope you made it this far. I have the Rock N Roll Dallas half marathon this weekend.  I can not wait to see the running skirts booth, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and finish my last half of the spring season! If you are running it and want to do a blogger meet up on race morning you can email me at kaylajean87 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com. It is beautiful outside. Get out and enjoy it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Gusher Half Marathon Recap

On March 12th I ran The Gusher Half Marathon in SouthEast Texas. It was so so much better than last year. Just to give you a little recap. I ran the Gusher 5k last year with my sister-in-law Karen and it was horrible!

Karen and I before the Gusher 5K. 
Onto the recap. I got up early Sat. morning because last year it was hard to find parking when we got there. I wanted to leave early enough that I could get there and to the race on time. Brian's parents came down to watch me run. I was very grateful to have some family there.
My friend Tammy was meeting me at my house to follow us there. This was her first half marathon and I was going to be pacing her, or at least trying too.
We left for the race and around 45 minutes and a wrong parking place later, we made it to the race start.
Almost ready to run in my new cheetah skirt.
 My outfit all laid out and ready to go for the next day.
 You gotta have the essentials...Gu's, garmin watch, ipod and road id.
The shoes that make it feel like you are running on air. I love these shoes! When you find a shoe that fits, stick with it! It will bring you many places you never thought you could go.

When we finally found a parking spot, it was right by the starting line. I was so happy. We had to go find the shoe tags for our time. That is one thing I did not like. You had to tie them on your shoes and I was so worried the whole time I was running that it would fall off, but it didn't.
I am going to do the rest of the post mainly through pictures. I would rather look at pictures than read, wouldn't you. :0)
 I have been very grateful. Brian has been able to come with me for 2 of my 3 half marathons and I didn't think he would be able to come to any.
 Tammy and I before the race started. She is excited to run and so am I. Although I was nervous about this race. It was beautiful outside and I was hoping they would have enough water for the runners and that it would not be to hot.

37 seconds until the half marathon starts. One thing that they did not do for this race that I was used to, was that they did not have corrals. All the half marathon and marathon people started at the same time. If you were a walker you got at the back and the elite runners got at the front. It was not to bad though.

 Made it to mile 3. We were around 34 minutes on this one, so that is about normal for me.
 Tammy was all smiles at mile 3, which is great, because we had 4 more 5K's to go.
 There was around 4 hills like this one and I was not prepared for this at all. I was a little worried, because I have not trained for hills, but this was preparing me for the Rock N Roll Dallas run.

Mile 6 was around Downtown and there is a street called Crockett Street. It is not my scene of town at all, but many people go there to party it up.

 Also downtown is the worlds largest fire hydrant. There is a Fire museum there and this marks close to where it is at. I was pretty excited about seeing this, because I have never been to that part of town.
Like I said, last year, they did not have enough water for the runners and actually had to go behind the runners towards the end to give them water. This year, however, there was tons of water and it was cold everytime I got some. There was also gatorade, gu's, bananas and oranges along the entire route. They also threw out water bottles incase you wanted to carry it with you! Much much better job Gusher workers and volunteers.
 We made it to Mile 12. I am holding up a one because we only have 1.1 more mile to go. We were so close and I was ready to be finished.

WOOOHOOOOO Mile 13. I have never gotten a picture of the 13 because I have ran past it, but I wanted to get it this time. Brian actually saw me stop to get this picture and was laughing at me when I was crossing the finish line because I was so close to finishing!

There we are! Coming in strong!! I love all the people cheering on the side.

 All smiles as we are crossing the finish line!

My time was 2:39. I was one minute faster than last time, but we stopped quite a few times for pictures and what not, so I would have finished faster if we hadn't of stopped.
You can see in the picture I am giving Tammy a high five because she did so AWESOME on this race.

 They had water, fruit, and sandwhiches at the end. The race was great and I had a wonderful time running it. They did so much BETTER than last year!
 Brian and I after I finished! The medal was of the Spindletop Gusher in this area. It is an important part of history of this town and the oil industry!
 Brian's parents and I after the race! We were getting ready to head to Winnie for some Flea Market Shopping!
At Winnie Market, I found MightyMouse. More about that story to come!

Thanks for staying with me during this recap! I would recommend this race to anybody after the changes they have made! It was great! Sweatbands review coming up tomorrow for sure!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gusher Half Marathon- DONE!!

Crossing the finishing line strong.
I ran the Gusher Half Marathon today and it was a great run! Beautiful weather, pretty nice route and not that many people running it. Last year I ran the 5K for this race, so I decided to bump it up to the half marathon this year. I will give you some background on the race last year later, but for now, I just wanted to say that I finished. There was a lot of hills and I was not prepared for that AT ALL!!! But I still did good. I have way more pictures, but I will leave you with a few pictures that a friend of mine took while I was running...

I have more pictures, that I will post in a couple of days. Don't forget to set your clocks forward if you have not already. Have a great Sunday!
My friend Tammy. This was her first half marathon.  This was around mile 6.

We stopped so Tammy could say hi to her mom and sister. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RnR Mardi Gras Race Recap 3....Proffessional Pics.

If you missed my first two recaps, here they are...

Check out my first Race Recap here.... Expo Time
My 2nd race recap was of the DetermiNation Pasta Party and the race. Check it out Here

Now, onto my third and final Race Recap. I know this has been drawn out, but I had a ton of pictures to sort through. This one is for my professional pictures. I have to say that I was looking for photographers most of this race. Pictures are very important to me, because they capture a memory and since you are running (if you are by yourself), it is hard to capture that memory of you. I ended up getting a lot of great shots from this race. They use ASI photograhy, which is AMAZING!!!!

This will be mostly pictures, so I hope you like seeing that. 
Can you see me? I am the one in the red and white running skirt, with the white shirt on and my hand up! 
These two pictures (above and to the left) were at the 5K mark! I was surprised that I was smiling, but I was feeling great at this point in time.

Still smiling and going strong. This was around the 10K mark or a little farther I believe. I love that neither of my feet are touching the ground! I think whenever I run, I tend to bounce a little bit. I am not sure though. 
I am not a fan of this picture at all, because I never saw this photographer. I look tired and bored at this time. I probably was, but oh well. 
Coming in across the finish line at 2:40 exactly. Can you find me? 

This is probably one of top 5 favorite pictures. I love it. You can see the time (even though it is off) and I am all smiles coming in across that finish line! Woohoooo I finished! 
Thanks for sticking with me through these recaps. 

Coming up next will be a Sweaty Bands Review (for those of you who have not tried them) and then I will start working on my Gusher Half Marathon Recap. Yes, that is right, I am running another Half Marathon this Sat. It is called The Gusher, because it is linking to the Spindletop Gusher in Southeast Texas. 
Stay tuned for that.