Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon Part 1

Sorry I have been missing the past week. I have been really busy with school/teaching and trying to clean my house. I just had Bunko last night and things have just been crazy!

I am going to do this recap in two sections. One for the Expo/beginning of the weekend and then another for the Pasta Party/Determination and the actual half marathon.
Here goes:

Brian and I left on Friday after I got out of school and headed to his parents. We were going to stay there Friday night and then wake up the next morning to head to some of his friends apartment and to the Expo.
This picture is from Christmas, but these are our friends that we stayed with while in New Orleans.
We arrive in New Orleans at Jon and Sonia's and put our stuff up. Then we headed to the Expo downtown.
We arrived at the Expo, but we had to walk forever to get there through the Convention Center. 
I was really excited about the Expo and wanted to enjoy it, because it was my first Expo to go to. The last half marathon that I was in did not have an Expo. We picked up our packet at the hotel that we stayed in since it was a host hotel. 
 I wish that would have been my time, but it wasn't, sadly enough, but I did think that it was funny that they had that set up in there!
Brian would not get up and take a picture with me in this queen and king statue. Oh well, I still thought it was funny. I believe it is supposed to be the Mardi Gras King and Queen. 

I stopped and talked to Donna at Sweaty Bands. After I finish my recaps of the race I am going to do a review on Sweaty bands for them! I was really excited to get to see her.
I love what this Team and what it represents, but their clothing is so expensive.
Brooks was the main sponsor for the Rock n Roll Mardi Gras race. I wanted to get one of their shirts, but they were way to expensive! 
Brian and I got to meet up with Allen Cormier at the Expo. They went to college together and he lives in that area now. He was supposed to be able to run the half marathon, but had something come up he couldn't miss. I felt really bad, but he was still able to get the swag bag and his shirt. 

I am really excited about these medals. Do you see the one that has two guitars on it with the white ribbon. After I run the Rock n Roll Dallas I will have ran two rock n Roll races in one year and I will get that medal!
We found this silly thing right outside of the expo! I thought it was to funny to pass up.

This is the route that I was going to be running. (Not the route in red, the one in blue). It is still hard to look at this and thing that I ran that entire route. 

The Rock n Roll Mardi Gras Marathon and Half Marathon was benefiting The American Cancer Society (Determination). My sister-in-law Karen ran with them and I am very proud of her for all the money that she raised. More to come about that in a minute. 

All the runners and then the girl runners.
I met up a little bit later with Karen (my sister-in-law), Jason and her friend Heather and Bobby at the Expo. They ran this last year, so they had already seen all of this stuff. We took a few pictures and then we headed back down the convention center to their hotel. 

While Brian and I waited for Karen and Jason to come down to the Lobby, we got Starbucks. Well, Brian got his chocolate chip frappaccino and I got an Ethos water.
I love my husband so much that he came with me this weekend! I do not think I could have done this race or this weekend without him! He is simply amazing. 

Coming up next is the Pasta Party with Determination and then the half marathon. Stay tuned for more recaps.


Anonymous said...

After reading everyone's reports on the expo I really want to go to one. It sounds like you had a great time. When you come to Dallas we should schedule a meet up. Kristen, from Running What? will be running her first marathon in that race

Kayla said...

That sounds awesome Casey! My sister-in-law Karen and I will be running the Dallas race. Maybe we could meet at the Expo. Are you running the Dallas Rock N Roll or no? The Expo is awesome! I really enjoyed it!

Karen said...

:0) Nice start! Glad we were able to meet up! :0)

Kayla said...

Thanks Karen! I am glad we were able to meet up too!

Kristen said...

You & Karen have got me excited about the expo! I was totally not going to even pay any mind to it...but now I think I'll pay attention to it! I'm running the Dallas RNR. It'll be my first half...I'm SOOOOO excited! Like Casey said, maybe we can meet up at the expo!

Anonymous said...

I hope we are able to meet up and I hope I can go to the expo. I am not racing as I'm not prepared for a half yet but I will be there cheering you all on!