Sunday, February 6, 2011

7 Days to Game Day

That's right! There is only 7 days left until the Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Half marathon. I have not been able to run the past few days because I have been sick, but since I was stuck inside all weekend from the cold, I got on my treadmill yesterday and ran 3 miles.
I was supposed to do 6 miles on Sat., but I did not want to relapse my sickness, so I decided to not run. My body is in shape, I am not sure how much the 6 miles would have helped me or hurt me. This week I am going to run 2 or 3 miles each day before Friday.

I believe that when you are as sick as I was, is that you get yourself better (especially if you have a race the following weekend) and then take on what you want to conquer.

I am going to be staying with a friend of Brian's. They live about 20 minutes from where the start line is, so I am extremely nervous about staying away from the start line, but I think we will be okay. I am going to be leaving about an hour and a half before the race actually starts to make sure that I can get there and find a parking spot.
I am trying to think of everything that I need for this weekend,, so I am going to make myself a little checklist.

  • Running skirt
  • ROTE Shirt
  • Sports Bra and other under garments
  • red and white BIC Band 
  • Hair ties
  • Garmin watch and charger
  • cameras
  • compression socks
  • running shoes
  • GU's  and other energy gels
  • spi belt
  • iPod/head phones
  • directions to EXPO
  • directions to startline/dropoff
  • Road ID
  • underarmor jacket (incase the weather changes)
  • phone/phone charger
  • Cash for parking
  • Registration ticket for bag pickup
Hopefully I am not forgetting anything, but I probably am. What do ya'll think? 

SuperBowl Sunday tonight!!!! 

Who are you rooting for? Packers or the Steelers? 

I have to say that my family is for the Packers.

Don't forget to check out my BIC Band giveaway. It ends next week.


Karen said...

Brian can drop you off with us and then go find a parking spot if you want! Otherwise, you'll have to walk pretty far to the start line!! He can call Jason once he finds the parking spot and hang out with Jason after that. Last year, Jason walked with us to the start line, then went back to the hotel room so Brian is more than welcome to do that! Just let me know! :0)

Anonymous said...

I love your new header, not sure if I said that before! Good luck on your upcoming race! I can't wait to hear about it

Kayla said...

Thanks Casey! That means a lot!

Thanks Karen. I will let Brian know that. We are probably going to buy the Premium Parking package so that we can park at the start line or finish. I have to look and see what it says again. But thank you. I will tell him that. He probably will hang out with Jason.

Ros said...

Good luck on your race! and I nominated you for the stylish blogger award! Hope you haven't gotten it before!

Kayla said...

THanks so much Ros!! No I have not gotten it yet! I am excited to blog about this one!