Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Running Skirt and Top For Sale!!!!!!

Okay girls and guys, I am cleaning house and have a Running Skirt for sale as well as a Running Skirt Top for sale. The running skirt is pre-owned and has been worn around 4 or 5 times. It is pink on the sides and hip and black on the front and back. It is a size 3 in Running Skirts, which fits a size M (8-10) normally.  It has briefs underneath the shorts. There is two pockets on the side of the skirt, just large enough to fit some gu's, energy gels, cell phone or ipod. I love all my skirts and I am sad to sell this one, but it just does not fit anymore.  Here are a few pictures of the skirt.

The sides of the skirt are a little pinker than the picture shows.

Sorry it is sideways, but this shows the pockets on the side of the skirt.

The briefs underneath the skirt.
 If you are interested in buying this skirt you can contact me at kaylajean87 AT yahoo DOT com.

Up next is a Running skirts top. It is a yellowish/gold sleeveless top. It was purchased off of for $34.00. It has been gently worn 3 times. Just like the running skirt, it is to big now and I am wanting to sell it. It is a Medium and it fits a little bit bigger than a M(8-10) It has the official running skirt logo on the back of the shirt. Here are a few pictures of the shirt.

If you are interested in purchasing either one of these items please let me know as soon as possible. I will let you know about shipping, since it will depend on where I have to ship them too.  

The running skirt is $15.00 and the running skirt top is also $15.00.  
(So if you buy both, it is only $30.00 plus shipping. That is cheaper than just one skirt!)

If you post this on your blog to let other people know, there may be an extra treat for the person that I choose randomly.
Let me know though by leaving me a comment that you posted this on your blog or facebook. (seperate comment for each place, please) These will be for sale for 5 days before I possibly put them on ebay. So, you all have first choice.

Remeber, if you are interested, please e-mail me at kaylajean87 AT yahoo DOT com. 

Thank you.


Tricia said...

yippeee for needing smaller skirts :)

Kayla said...

haha Thanks Tricia!!!

Kristen said...

What an AWESOME reason to need to get rid of a skirt!!!

Kayla said...

Thanks Kristen.....Spread the word for me. I want to buy another running skirt, but need to sell these first!

Heather said...

You stole my idea. :)
I bet you could get a lot more for that skirt...I got $40 for mine.

Kayla said...

Heather I probably could get more, but it some of their old material, so it is not a true fit and it has probably been worn more than yours has.

Karen- I know it is the one you gave me, but it doesn't fit anymore at all.

Kayla said...

Heather- I didn't know you were selling your skirt. Sorry to steal your idea.