Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RnR Mardi Gras Race Recap 3....Proffessional Pics.

If you missed my first two recaps, here they are...

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My 2nd race recap was of the DetermiNation Pasta Party and the race. Check it out Here

Now, onto my third and final Race Recap. I know this has been drawn out, but I had a ton of pictures to sort through. This one is for my professional pictures. I have to say that I was looking for photographers most of this race. Pictures are very important to me, because they capture a memory and since you are running (if you are by yourself), it is hard to capture that memory of you. I ended up getting a lot of great shots from this race. They use ASI photograhy, which is AMAZING!!!!

This will be mostly pictures, so I hope you like seeing that. 
Can you see me? I am the one in the red and white running skirt, with the white shirt on and my hand up! 
These two pictures (above and to the left) were at the 5K mark! I was surprised that I was smiling, but I was feeling great at this point in time.

Still smiling and going strong. This was around the 10K mark or a little farther I believe. I love that neither of my feet are touching the ground! I think whenever I run, I tend to bounce a little bit. I am not sure though. 
I am not a fan of this picture at all, because I never saw this photographer. I look tired and bored at this time. I probably was, but oh well. 
Coming in across the finish line at 2:40 exactly. Can you find me? 

This is probably one of top 5 favorite pictures. I love it. You can see the time (even though it is off) and I am all smiles coming in across that finish line! Woohoooo I finished! 
Thanks for sticking with me through these recaps. 

Coming up next will be a Sweaty Bands Review (for those of you who have not tried them) and then I will start working on my Gusher Half Marathon Recap. Yes, that is right, I am running another Half Marathon this Sat. It is called The Gusher, because it is linking to the Spindletop Gusher in Southeast Texas. 
Stay tuned for that.


Kristen said...

Awesome recap! I LOVE seeing all the pictures! How fun! Do you have to buy the professional ones? I can't wait for RnR Dallas!

Oh, and I also LOVE my Sweaty Band!

Kayla said...

Thanks Kristen! Yes, I had to pay for the professional ones. They are pretty expensive. I forgot you were running RnR Dallas! I am glad you love your sweaty band. I am going to be doing a review on two of them in the next day or two.