Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweaty Bands Review, Cleaning and Cupcake Half Marathon

Lot's of stuff to talk about on this post! I hope you stay with me through all of this. Don't worry, there will be quite a few pictures! These are the things I am going to talk about...
  1. Sweaty Bands Review
  2. My backroom Organization
  3. Cupcake Half Marathon
First off, the Sweaty Bands Review! 

Donna over at Sweaty Bands has allowed me to review a couple of Sweaty bands for her. She gave me a thick Sweaty band and a skinny sweatyband. I was going to try to give one away, but my Boxer puppy decided he had other things in mind. He chewed through one of my sweaty bands, so I of course had to buy another one. I was not a happy camper when I found the sweaty band in his mouth the black part in half!

Anyways, Sweaty Bands are made for women and girls who still want to look put together while they are dripping with sweat! They are the ultimate exercise and sport headband. The secret is the interior lining. It gently grips onto your hair and won't come off until you take it off. They soak up a ton of sweat and are washable. They come in tons of really cute designs that can match any outfit that you want them to go with! 

You can throw these in your gym bag or backpack without having to worry about them breaking or tearing because they are very flexible. 
Donna is an awesome woman who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Half. She makes these because she loves to and loves to see girls and women rocking the styles and staying healthy!

The orange sweatyband is the one that my lovely boxer ate. I got to wear it one time and then it was gone! It was nice, but I like my pink, black and white one a little bit more!

The picture above is the thick band and it is brown, white and black. The picture to the right and pictured above is a skinny band and is white, pink and black. That is the one I ordered in place of my other one, my dog ate. These bands are $15.00 and they come in thick, skinny and super skinny widths.

Sweatybands did not send me this one, however I ordered this on off of and LOVE it! These headbands do not slip. I have one them for 2 half marathons and they never moved or came even close to slipping. I would recommend these for any activity. I have biked and ran in these for over an hour to two hours at a time. The material is great and they have such neat designs that you can not have just one. You have to get one to match each outfit. 

Go check out their facebook Here
Go check out their website Here.

Go Check them out. They are amazing and very reasonably priced.

*Next up is, "My backroom Organization!!!!" I am very proud of what my husband and I accomplished!!!*
This is what our backroom looked like before! A mosh posh of just a bunch of different things. It was a mixture of our stuff with some of my mom and dad's stuff. So we decided we wanted to go through it all and organize it and make it into what it is supposed to be...a sun room!
So, from all that mess, we ended up with this....

 Much, much better. See the dog in the picture. TJ just had to be in the picture! This room is partly going to be his room too.
 This is kinda like our sunroom, library and little sitting area. You can kind of see the table on the side of the picture. Below is a picture of the table setting that I found. You want to know where I found that table setting at????? Look below to see where......

I got this table setting at The Dollar Store. I thought it was so cute and all of this was either a $1.50 or less each! I am going to be going back to get some more in the next couple of weeks! I thought it was so cute and colorful!

********************************And last, but not least......*****************************

The Cupcake Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K

I decided to run the half marathon. This Marathon started March 24th and ends on March 26th. you can choose to run either a Marahton, half marathon or 5K. However, the trick to this race is that you do not have to do it all in one day! Thank goodness. You can check out their page Here!
I decided to run the half marathon. This Marathon started this past Sat. I even made my own race bib, with their picture of course! This was after my 3 mile run earlier.
Now for the other pictures for proof for them and to show you.

 These are the two pictures I have of my garmin, but I forgot to take a picture of one of the times I ran, so I will have to get that off of my garmin tracking on my computer. So far though with these I have ran 8.83 miles.

In all though, I ended up running 14.01 miles. I am excited about it and just have to turn in my information to them. If you have not already seen this, go check it out and at least get involved in the 5K. It is a great way to get out and get involved in exercising!

That is all for today folks. That is quite a few days rolled into one. I hope you made it this far. I have the Rock N Roll Dallas half marathon this weekend.  I can not wait to see the running skirts booth, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and finish my last half of the spring season! If you are running it and want to do a blogger meet up on race morning you can email me at kaylajean87 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com. It is beautiful outside. Get out and enjoy it!

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