Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Placed in a 5K race!!!!!!

Today I ran the Rodney Horne Memorial 5K race this morning about 15 minutes from my home town. It was a last minute registration for this race. I registered on Monday of this past week and we had to have it turned in by Tuesday. I arrived at the race around 8:30 to pick up my shirt and bib number. It started at 9.  I was number 4 for this race and then I was informed that there would be no water along the route. I am very used to water, so I was a little worried about that! I got my bib number and t-shirt, gave my keys to a friend and then waited around till they started the race.

Nobody was really here to take pictures of me before or during the race, so you will only get to see a little bit before and then after the race!
Before the race, ready to run!
I was kind of excited about this race, because it was a very small race and I knew if I pushed myself that I might be able to place in my age division at least. During the race, I was behind one girl for the whole race and she was the first place girl. I knew if I stood behind her and infront of another girl that was behind me, then I would at least get second or third. Well right towards the end another girl kicked it up and pushed infront of the first place girl and me. I knew at that point that I had third place and that I could not let the girl behind me get infront of me. If you look below, you can kind of see that their is a straight away before the finish line. Well....I heard the girl sprinting behind me, so I kicked it up a notch and started sprinting as hard as I could. We got so close to the finish line and I ended up beating her by a little bit! I was so proud of myself for pushing myself like that!

Granted I felt like I was about to throw up, but I still pushed myself that hard.

My friend Kristin and her aunt coming across the finish line. She did SO GREAT for her first 5K. She finished before an hour and I am so proud of her!

This is her child and their friend's child. I just love them and I even got to race her a little bit. haha

See, isn't she such a cutie!!!!

My friend Kristin and I after the race! I am so proud of her!!
After my friend came through the finish line we waited around for a few more people and then they started calling out awards. Guess what place I got........

I got 3rd place Female Overall. They only gave out prizes for 1st place overall and it was $100.00, but the other places got a medal, such as the one in the picture. This is the first time that I have placed overall!!!

On top of that....guess what other place I got........


This has been a goal of mine for some time now, but I am not super speedy, so I was totally surprised about this!!! Woohooo!!! The way I see it though, is that no matter how big or small the race long as you push yourself and accomplish your goal, you can achieve your goal!

My medal and I all smiles for placing in my age division!!! 
All my race swag!
I am not sure if I will place again my age division, but I am very excited about this one!!! There was one lady that came up to me and a couple of the other girls that placed and said, "I would like it next year if ya'll didn't run the race!" She started laughing after she said it and we knew she was joking, but it was pretty funny all the same!

I have been on a high all day today!!

Other than my race this weekend, I also got to go to my nieces carnival yesterday. It was so much fun and they even had confetti eggs you could buy!!
Here is a few pictures from that....

Touching and holding real snakes
They had a fun petting zoo. My niece chased a little pig around everywhere!!!
They had a velcro wall to, where you had to try and get the brick at the top!
They had a blast at the carnival and I enjoyed being there too!!!

I hope everybody is having a great weekend!

Question of the day: What race do you have coming up? 5K, 10K, half or full?


Jenny said...

Wuhoo! I'm so impressed - awesome job!

Kayla said...

Thank you Jenny!!!!

Karen said...

Congrats, Kayla! That's exciting!

Karen said...

Congrats, Kayla! That's exciting!

Ros said...

Congrats! That's awesome! I placed once by default because the race was small and I was beyond excited, so I can't imagine actually earning it! haha Keep up the good work!

misszippy said...

Woohoo! way to go!!

Kayla said...

Thank you Karen, Zippy and Ros!! I really appreciate it!!
Ros, this one was a small race too, but I still worked hard to get it!

Laura said...

how awesome Kayla! Congrats!!!!!

Kayla said...

Thank you Laura!!!