Monday, April 4, 2011

Rock n Roll Dallas: The Expo

It's time for my Rock N Roll Dallas Half Marathon recap. I am going to break this up into 2 maybe 3 different post. The first one is the Expo. So, get ready, there will be lots of pictures.....

I left my house and went close to where my parents live and looked around in Lowes for a few things. I was supposed to be meeting my sister-in-law Karen and her husband at Lowes around 1 o'clock. Little did I know that, that would change quite a bit. I wanted to find some prices of things in Lowes, so that gave me an excuse to get there a little earlier. Well, I walked around in Lowes and then went over to Walmart and filled up my gas tank a little bit and then went back to Lowes and read some of my book. By this time, it had been about an hour and I finally heard from Karen. Her car was taking longer to get detailed then she had though it would. So instead of driving to see my parents and driving all the way back into town, I decided to just stay in the Lowes parking lot, read my book and take a nap. I heard from Karen sometime in between reading my book and taking a nap and she said she would be there soon.

When she got there, they followed me to my parents place, left her car there and we headed on into Dallas to our Aunt and Uncle's house.
Whenever we got to our Aunt and Uncle's house it was around 10:30 or so and we talked for a little while and then headed to bed. The next morning we were planning on heading to the expo around 10 with our cousin.

Saturday Morning/Day:

We woke up to a wonderful breakfast and then our cousin came and picked us up and we headed to the Expo. It was so much better getting there this time because our cousin knew where she was going. No wrong roads or turn arounds. Much Much better!!
We got to the Expo and did not have to walk a mile to get there. It was so much better than Mardi Gras!

I love how much spirit the Rock n Roll Series puts out. It is awesome!
Me, Karen and our cousin were running this race together! She kept telling us both that she was really slow and that we could go ahead of her. We were both thinking, "Yeah Right!" You will see what happened in the next couple of post!

Of course, we had to rock out at the Expo. They had these fun wigs and guitars you could pick up and put on.
Since I did not get to go to the carnival at the Mardi Gras race, I really wanted to go in here and see what all there was that I could do!
Inside the carnival there were lots of different booths and things you could see.
I had my fortune told by the runner lady and this is what my fortune told me.....

It was much better than what some people's fortune said. haha
Next, we went to the PF Chang's booth and got fortune cookies to see what they said. Here is what mine said.....
I was so surprised that Oprah had said this! I thought it was pretty cool though.

Just like Mardi Gras represented Determination, Dallas represented Susan G. Komen for the Cure! I love that they represent something with each race.
This was one of my favorite parts of the Expo. I have never seen the runningskirts booth and I was so excited to see this. The twins were not there, but that is okay. I got to see all of the new skirts that are coming out! They were so friendly at the skirt bar and I loved being able to talk to them.
The skirt bar. See all the new fun prints in the back. I want the turquoise/azure dotted print!
Woohooo! I had a great time at the Expo and I almost forgot, I won a FREE SHIRT!!! I am all about free stuff! You were able to get a ticket and have the bar code scanned and either win a shirt, bandanna, earbuds, shoes or so much more. I won a shirt that is pretty cool.

Don't forget to Rock On/Rock Out at these races. That is the best way to enjoy them!!
After the expo, we headed back to our cousins house and hung out with the family.
The Dallas skyline. So pretty!!
Jason won a HUGE shoe at one of the games, so he gave it to Taylor. She could fit most of her foot/leg in that shoe! It was pretty funny. I think she even put both of her feet in it!
Our cousins dog Truffles! He is such a cute cocker spaniel!

My race t-shirt and my free t-shirt! Pretty cool, right!
All my goodies in my race bag! I love getting all this stuff and looking at it! It is so neat!

Up next will be some of our adventures throughout Dallas and then the actual race. So stay tuned for all of those pictures!


Karen said...

This Expo sure was easier to find than NOLA! I love how she kept saying "I'm slow I'm slow"...yeah right!

Kayla said...

Yes, it was much easier to find than in NOLA. I wish I was as fast as her...maybe one day!

Laura said...

napping in a lowes parking lot sounds like something I would do! lol.

can't wait to hear more!

Kayla said...

Thanks Laura. It was a very peaceful nap, that is for sure, and hopefully nobody starred at me while I was in there!