Monday, April 25, 2011

Biking and Easter Goodies

I had a great Easter weekend. Brian had to work, but I went and helped out with my church's kids Easter egg hunt. I took pictures of the kids with the Easter bunny and then of them hunting eggs. They split the older kids from the younger kids so the younger kids did not get trampled. It was a lot of fun watching them reach for the eggs. It brought back memories from whenever I was a little kids. I would always go to my grandpa's shirt pocket first because that egg always had the money in it. :0) 

The Easter bunny rode in on a motorcycle. I have to say that was the coolest Easter bunny I have ever seen!

Even though I was behind the camera most of the time I was still able to get a picture with the Easter bunny too.
After I got in from the Easter egg hunt I saw that the Easter bunny had come to my house a little bit early. And I got this from it.....

I had a chocolate/caramel bunny in it, but it was one thing that went first. I love that Brian's family does this every Easter! The Easter bunny also decided it was time for him to leave so he rode through the middle of town like this....
Only in a small town will you see this!


I also decided since it was a beautiful day outside that I wanted to eat something sweet and healthy. So guess what I got.....
YEP!!!! That is right....Watermelon. I LOVE watermelon so much. It is so healthy and filling! 

Today, Brian was working in the barn on his boat and look what he found....

He found 3 little kittens. Two like this one and a little white one. The mom took off to the back of the barn and these kittens were so tame. I was so surprised. Usually the only cats we have around our house are wild. Brian wouldn't let me keep one, so I put it back close to it's mom. 

We decided since it was a beautiful day today that we would also go for a bike ride. I have always loved to ride my bike and have just started getting back into it because of my knee hurting from running. Biking has been proven to be better on your knees, feet and legs than running. If you are running on roads like I am that are not smooth and not flat, then it can start hurting your knees pretty bad. I am taking some time off from running half marathons and biking/swimming more. I am still running, but not near as much. I am going to try and use this time to get my body in shape in other ways. 
Before we headed out on our bike ride! I am the smart one that wears a helmet and compression shorts whenever I ride. Since we live on a pretty busy street I am always looking around me and being aware of my surroundings. I usually never ride with my ipod because of the streets being so busy and there being lots of holes in the ground. 

Overall, it was a great Easter weekend and a great bike ride. I am going to try and run 3 miles tomorrow. It has been a while since I have done that. Stay tuned because I have some cool race news about this Sat. I am REALLY excited about this run! 

I hope everybody else had as great of a Easter weekend and Monday as I did!

Question: What else do you do to get in shape besides running? 
I bike, swim, walk my dogs and do a few workout videos. 


Laura said...

the bike ride sounds awesome! I love biking too, as well as pilates, spin class, body works class (weights), etc. I am trying to start swimming too!

Kayla said...

I wish I lived close to a gym that did all of those classes. I really want to get involved in those. I just live to far away right now. I really want to try a spin class! You will love swimming Laura! It is so much fun and great for your lungs!

Karen said...

Looks like a great weekend! The Easter Bunny riding in on a motorcycle...that's hilarious! Glad "he" visited you too! :0)