Friday, April 15, 2011

My Week Rewind

I have not blogged in a while because things have been pretty busy over here. I am going to give you a little rewind on my week so that you can see how busy it has been. I have been working out a lot, but I am waiting on my Jillian Michaels dvd in the mail to come in. I couldn't find it anywhere. My friend Heather at Running with Sass has been working on this dvd and it got me interested. Whenever I get it in, I will let you know what it is, but for now, you can stay curious.

Anyways, this week Brian and I started off by going to one of our friends t-ball games. It was the cutest thing ever. To get the ball, they would all run towards it and basically jump on each other until one of them got the ball. We specially went to watch this little boy....

Isn't he a CUTIE!!! I took some pictures with my nice camera for his mom and am working on editing them a little bit right now. They are so precious though.

That night my brother came into town and we went to dinner with him for his birthday that was coming up two days from then.
I was looking pretty rough that day, because I was tired! Do you see any family resemblance there? haha I gave him a cookbook (I know, great gift for my brother) that I bought to support a scholarship fund for a boy that died from prostate cancer. My brother knew the guy in school and even played some baseball with him. It has a lot of hometown recipes in it by people that we all grew up with, know and love.

Then on Monday, Brian and I took a surprise trip to Louisiana to visit his family. The did not have a clue we were coming and we even called his mom to make sure she was at work and Brian hung the phone up on her after she answered. We didn't want her to know we were coming. We saw everybody and Karen even cooked us a delicious meal from the Jillian Michaels  Ripped in 30 meal plan. It was delicious! Thank you Karen!
We got to see Brian's grandpa who I love to death. He is so sweet and funny! Brian gave him one of his old trooper hats and his grandpa loves it! You can see it on his head in the picture!
After we saw his grandpa, we went to see his dad who has not been feeling to good lately. He was off work and we were excited to see him too. After chatting with him for a little while I decided that I wanted to get a snocone! If you have not tried the snocones where his family lives, you are missing out! They are DELICIOUS!!!!! I have not had a better one ever!
I went to the snocone stand and got a strawberry wedding cake with cream. Ohhhhhhhhhhweeeeeeeeee it was SO GOOD!!!
I made sure and got a kind that Brian doesn't like that way I could savor it all! He normally gets chocolate with cream though.
It tasted so good in my tummy! 

Tuesday, I started working on a flowerbed that is on the other side of my house. It had so many leaves in it from them piling up over the years. Nobody has taken care of that flower bed and I was getting tired of the way it looked. I worked on trimming bushes and vines and small oak trees for hours. I do not really have a before picture, but this is kind of what it looked like....
Sorry, it is sideways. 

Just imagine leaves being all in that flower bed and those pushes being much much bigger. It was driving me crazy. This is how it looks now. Sorry, they are all going to be sideways. I am not sure why it turned them this way. 

We picked all those leaves up put on the burn pile. The picture above with all the vines use to cover that trailese, but we trimmed it completely. It was even growing all the way onto the house. 

It was a lot of work and I am glad we are almost finished. We still have to buy some mulch and put that in there so the weeds won't be able to grow. Oh and I found this little guy inside of the flowerbed also. 
It kind of freaked me out at first and I made Brian come out there to help me see what it was. We think it used to be a rabbit. Luckily there was no snakes found in this cleaning process!

Also this week I tested out some more of my baking skills and I made a keylime pie. I have never made one before and I was cooking a good meal and wanted to try it. I didn't take a before picture, but this is what we had left whenever I thought about taking the picture. 
I am about to make another one in just a little bit, because it was so good!!! 

Thursday I subbed for an 8th grade class at a school close by and I was so nervous about that. I am not certified for 8th grade and I was scared they would walk all over me. But you know what....IT WAS GREAT! The kids were so good and every time the principal came by he was so impressed at how the class was working and not talking. He wants me to come back and sub and they even told me I needed to put my application in there, but that was before they knew I was not certified to teach that grade. Oh well. It was a fun day though. The kids were really funny! 

Overall I had a great week and I had even better news yesterday, but I can not tell ya'll just yet. Let's just say, if you are the praying type, be praying for me at the beginning of next week. I am going to need it! I will try and tell ya'll if it is good news. If it is not, I am not sure if I will be able to talk about it. 

I hope everybody else is having a great week. It is beautiful here! Get outside and do something productive today! :0)


Anonymous said...

I started Jillian's Ripped in 30 a week and a half ago! (My first day: I move on to Level 2 today -- eeek! :) I'm excited to see how your progress is!

Kayla said...

Thanks. I am waiting for my dvd to come in. I am going to start the ripped in 30 days in a couple of weeks. You will do great. My sister-in-law loves it!

Karen said...

Yikes that skeleton head is crazy! Yummy snowcone! :0)

Kayla said...

Yeah I was a little freaked out whenever I picked it up. Thank goodness I had gloves on!