Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Couponing to the Extreme

I just recently started clipping coupons and no it was not because of the TLC Extreme Coupon show. My husband and I decided we should start clipping them to try and help us save money. Recently, I have found lots of different tips, tricks and sites for clipping coupons and getting them organized. 

I found this website on Facebook called The Krazy Coupon Lady and found out that there is an organized way to clip coupons if you try hard at it. My friend the other day sat for 3-4 hours and clipped coupons for her family and ended up saving around $112.00 on groceries and necessaries.
If you have not seen TLC's Extreme Couponing....Go check it out. It is amazing how much money these people save and how much they get for their money.

Here are a few tips/tricks I have found that work for me as well as for other people.

1. Brand Name items: Love them or Hate them?
You do not have to always get the brand name items. There are some brand names that I am stuck like glue too, but some off brands are the same if not better than the name brand items. 

2. Double and Triple Coupons:
Check out the stores policy first, but sometimes you can double and triple your stores coupons. If you look up the sales first, you can apply a coupon to that sale and save even more money!

3. Sunday/Local Papers:
If you do not already have a subscription to your Sunday paper, check into it. It only cost us $1.75 to get a Sunday paper and it is full or coupons in it!

4. Necessary Items:
This is kind of tricky to explain. Only clip coupons for items that you normally use or that you know you are wanting to get. If you do not normally buy Chocolate milk, but there is a coupon for it, do not worry about that coupon. Give it to somebody else that may use it.

5. Do not go to the extreme!
By extreme I mean, do not store toilet paper underneath your kids beds or buy 50 Yoplait yogurts unless you truly use that many in a week or have a big family. They will go bad eventually.

6. Take it easy!
When you first start out, it is going to be overwhelming. You will see all these coupons and not know what to do with all of them. Get your grocery list organized and get your mind organized to what you need to buy. 

 7. Check the amounts.
Many, many, many coupons will say, "Save $1.00 when you buy (3) of a select item". Make sure that whenever you go to keep that coupon you are planning on buying 3 of that item. For example we buy lots of cereal and I found a coupon where I saved $1.00 if I bought 3 of the same brand. That worked great for us, but maybe not for somebody who does not use that much cereal.

Here are a few websites that I got from different blogs and ones that I personally use that are great! They always have different coupons on them, so make sure you check them out each week. 

If you like some things on Facebook, you can sometimes get free coupons, such as Yoplait (which I just used the other day).

 TJ loved playing in the water sprinkler today!!!!!!!

I have been collecting some coupons for a while now and am planning on going grocery shopping with my husband within the next couple of weeks. I will make sure to let everybody know how much I "hopefully" saved.

********Other news**********  
I started my Jillian Michaels dvd Monday and it was TOUGH!! She is a beast!! I was sore yesterday whenever I got up. I ran 2 miles that day also and am planning on running 2 miles tomorrow and doing the dvd again. I did ride 2 miles on my bike while Brian ran next to me. It was so pretty today and we did not want to waste the day. 

Question: Do you coupon any? What or where are some websites that you have found good coupons on?

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Jenny said...

I used to like going through the motions of clipping them, but they never managed to make it to the store with me...or I'd forget...etc. So I stopped. But my fav store sends me "frequently purchased items" coupons, so I make sure I use those when they come. Might have to start clipping again, though.

Kayla said...

I am glad you still use coupons Jenny! I love them and over time they save you so much money!!