Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rock N Roll Dallas: Recap 2: The Race and Family

Sorry this has taken me so long to get on here, but I have been pretty busy. If you missed my first recap, check it out here:   Rock N Roll: The Expo

 The night before I put out my clothes and gear for the next morning. We were going to be leaving around 7 I think. I wanted to make sure that I had everything ready for that morning and didn't forget anything.
After getting dressed in the morning and eating a bannana, we met up with our cousin and headed to the race start. You notice that what I have to wear is very summery....well it was defiantly not that warm that day. When I walked outside it was freezing. I had checked the weather numerous times that week and it always said warm weather of some kind. Luckily, our cousin came to our rescue and had some old long sleeve shirts that we could wear and then throw off when we got warm.

We made it down to the race site with no problem. It was much much better than the Mardi Gras race trying to get down there. When we got there my cousin and I made a B line for the porta potties. I was lucky enough to get one that rocked from side to side. I kept praying that it would not fall over with me in it! While we were waiting for the potty, my sister-in-law Karen headed toward these people....

 That's right. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were at the race start. Now, I would never say that Karen is obsessed with them (hehe), but she watches their show and follows them on twitter. So needless to say, she was like a kid in a candy store whenever she saw them. She even got a picture with one of the girls and was smiling the entire race about that one picture.
After I finished using the restroom, I went and watched them dance too. Above (if it works) is a video of them dancing. It was pretty dark, so I'm sorry about the quality of the video.

After we watched them dance we started walking towards our corrals whenever we saw these guys....
 They have these long horns all the way up one of the hills. We even got our picture by one of the guys that takes them professionally for the race.

 For this race we were in Corral 6. I had my corral changed from 10 to 6, so I was nervous about being trampled by all the fast people. I went from being in Corral 16 (I think) at Mardi Gras, to 10 and then 6 at Dallas.
The Susan G. Komen crew came walking down the road all in pink. I love races that have a cause behind them. We later found out that Troy Aikman was running this race also. I wish I could have seen him running it.
We were ready to run before the race! I was hoping to get under 2:30 for this race, but it was not necessary.

We were almost to the start line.
Right before we took off we saw these girls. They were waiting on their corral. They caught back up with us later, but I couldn't believe they ran the whole way like that.
Already to mile two and going strong!

 We saw this sign a couple of times. The second time I saw them I stopped to take a picture and they said "keep going, we are watching". haha

 Gotta represent the American Flag! Love it!

 We ran through a gorgeous part of the race called Highland Park. There was all these nice, big, beautiful homes there. See behind me in the picture, the waterfall. How would you like to have that across the street from your house?
This was just one of the homes along the route. It was beautiful and all the flowers were gorgeous!
 You go girl!!!!! She was running 4 months pregnant! How awesome is that!
Mile 6 and going strong. Half way there!
Karen and I at mile 6. She looks great and I am sweating up a storm, but I actually was not very hot at this time period! I have always sweated like crazy! Not sure why though.
Any Justin Beiber fans out there???? I snapped this picture for a couple of my friends that love him!
Woohooo 4 more miles to go. This is around where Karen and I split off; maybe a little bit before. My side started hurting like crazy. I think it was because I didn't drink as much water as I should have. I had to stop and stretch my side out to get the muscles to loosen up and after drinking some more water and taking a Gu I was good to go. It probably took about 5 minutes off of my time and I was not too excited about that. Oh well, that is okay!

 I love this sign! It was to funny. I know it is fuzzy, but it says, "Run Complete Stranger, Run!"

This guy cracked me up. He was a Justin Beiber wanna be! He was trying to sing like them and everything, but that was not happening, or sounding good at all!

 Mile 12. Traditional Picture. Only 1.1 to go!
 I was not able to get all of the signs, but it said, "When Stamina runs out, Inspiration kicks in!"
They were nice enough to take one of the official pictures for me with my camera. I am not sure if that is okay, but I really appreciate them doing that for me. My official time was 2:31:15. I actually shaved off 10 minutes from my last two half marathon times, so that is a PR in my book!
 The finish line. I was waiting for my picture. I had to wait in line for a good while before I could get my picture taken.
 I loved this guys shirt. It says...."I hate running. My wife makes me do it!"
All the finishers after the race. We all finished around 10 minutes away from each other! It was great being able to run with family! We didn't stay very long after the race. We got cleaned up and then headed to sweet Tomatoes, which was amazing!! We had some percent off coupons, so I gave mine to my uncle and aunt and let them use it.
 Yummy Salad and Baked Potato that I got! You could make your own salad, potato and they also had soup and dessert there!
After we ate with our uncle and aunt we headed to our cousins house to hang out with them and say our goodbyes!

Whenever we got there Taylor and Reagan were making something I like to call Goop. It is hard when you don't touch it, but whenever you pick it up it turns watery. I made it whenever I was in school for Education!

After hanging out with them for a while, we took a few family pictures and then said out goodbyes to them. I really loved hanging out with Brian's family, because we do not get to see them that often at all.
Our amazing cousins! I hope to see them again soon!
Sweet Truffles that is beyond funny!
These two girls I love. They make me laugh so much! I wish we lived much closer!

And last, but definitely not least....A family picture! I wish my husband could have been there with me, but that is okay. Maybe next time. It was a great race and I loved having family there to be able to spend time with!

I am not sure what half I am going to be running next, but I am interested in a possibly sprint tri. We shall see though. :0)


Kristen said...

Great post! It was SUCH a FUN race! It was my first half, and I was so nervous! I finished just after you at 2:34:38!

Kayla said...

Thanks Kristen! That is an awesome time! You did so great! I wish I would have know you were right behind me. I bet we waited close in line together too for pictures. haha

Laura said...

OMG that shirt that says "I hate running, my wife makes me do it" cracks me up!!! lol.

Great job on the PR, that's awesome!!!

Oh and I sweat a lot too, I always have! I feel your pain! lol

Jenny said...

Yay! Glad you enjoyed Dallas and had a great time (meant both ways)!

Kayla said...

Thanks Jenny and Laura.
Laura- I loved that shirt too. I have always sweated so much too. It is good though, but sometimes annoying! lol