Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WWIII.5 Mud Run Recap

This past Saturday was a very busy day for me. I ran the WWIII.5 Mud run. It was 3.5 miles long and had some amazing obstacles. There was over 10+ obstacles in the race and I had a great time. Here is quite a few pictures, but a recap of the race.

Here is my outfit for the race. I was not exactly what to wear, but I wanted ot be prepared. I had bikini bottoms, black shorts with compression shorts underneath, my dri fit top with another tighter top underneath just in case my shirt came up for some reason. I also had old shoes and socks.
My mom made out shirts. Here is the back.

We started out in a group of friends and we would eventually split up into a group of 2 and 3 people.

We dedicated this race to our Coach who has been going through quite a bit lately with the school in our area. I can not discuss that now, but maybe soon I can.
Our group of girls ready to complete the race.

The backs of our shirts.

I got my game face on and I am ready to GO!!!

Here are some of the obstacles. This was one of the first ones. They had a pansy side and a kamakasy side that you could choose from. The side with the orange barrels was the harder side and that is of course what I completed. 
The obstacle above was not very easy. You had to jump over the logs and then jump up on the spindle. I jumped on it and then had to shimmy my way over it. It was not that easy!
We finally saw Brian and I was so excited to see him.
I had gotten a little bit muddy, and tried to flick mud on him, but he said he did not feel it! haha
Here was the mud trench. This was not easy at all. I had to walk along the side and almost got my shoes stuck quite a few times. Next year I will hopefully be wearing some of the barefoot shoes. Those would be awesome for this race.
You see those little pink dots....yeah that is me. I was jumping up so that Brian could see me.
Then we saw him again before we had to crawl on the dirt in the next obstacle.
After we crawled in the dirt, we had to slide down a barrel into a mud pit! 
And then climb up a extremely muddy hill. I had to grab onto tree roots so that I could make it up the hill or else I would have fallen straight back down.
Then we came to this huge water pit. We had to walk down in it and then it dropped off to a little deeper than 4 ft. You had to swim to the barrel and then swim back to shore. I LOVED IT!!
 See the pink dots. That is us again!
The people walking behind us I have known for a long time. They did awesome in the race.

Running the last little bit of the race. We had three more obstacles to go and I am waiting to get those pictures hopefully from the photographers.

This was the last obstacle that we went through. you had to climb over a ship and then crawl through this awesomely thick mud! 
 Woohooo We finished the race!! It was so fun and as you can tell...very very muddy!!
I was threatening Brian that we were going to come and hug him! haha
That's right. I just completed the WWIII.5 Mud Run and so enjoyed getting all muddy!
Tammy and I with our medals after the race.
I tried to come after Brian in these next few pictures. He was not a fan of it at all!

 He still loves me though!
The back of my shirt was still pink, but the front was a different story.
Check out the awesome medal that we got for completing it. It is so different then any other medal I have. It is in the shape of a Dog tag for World War 3.5.....Get It....Soldiers.......Dog Tags! haha

All of the girls after the run!

 The fire department was there to rinse everybody off after they finished the race.
 We were all clean! Brian decided to jump into a picture now since we were mostly clean.
Brian and I walked around for a little bit. We got some free food, took pictures in front of the front end of a plane, saw Woody and Buzz and then headed on home.

Overall, it was an amazing race and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I WISH I could do another one this weekend. I was not worried about a time for this race, because I was just doing it for the obstacles and the fun of it! I had a great time. If you have never done a mud run, you should find one in your area and look into it. It was definitely worth it!


Laura said...

That looks so fun Kayla!!!! I know they have a muddy buddy run coming up here in Orlando... hmm....

Karen said...

Awesome run! Glad you had a good time!! :0)

Kayla said...

Thanks Karen!
Laura- I have heard of the muddy buddy and want to do one. They are just so far away!

michael said...

I am filled with joy to see that you had such a good time. The race only went off with 60% of what we had planned. There were a ton of flaws but the parts that worked did A OK. I want you to know that we all look up to you and are HONORED that you had fun on our course. Winnie Wars is looking to be the full blown deal as we have learned valuable lessons from Orange. God bless you and may you do well in every run you challenge.

Kayla said...

Thank you so much Michael for your sweet words! Ya'll did an awesome job on the race! I am going to be doing Winnie Wars for sure. I will be signing up at the beginning of June.

Mudrunning said...

Enjoy viewing your photos.
Thanks for posting.

Kayla said...

Your welcome!! Glad you liked them!!

Stephany mm479@aol.com said...

I love your shirts!! I am looking for someone to do something similar for my daughter and I - we are about to do our first mini-marathon and are wanting to get shirts made. Does she do this as a job or was it just for you?

Kayla said...

Hey Stephany! Thank you for commenting. My mom only does these for close friends and family. She is older and just does this for a hobby! It took a lot of convincing on my part to get her to do these. haha I would totally ask her for you, but at the moment they are in the process of moving.
That is so awesome that you are running in a mini-marathon with your daughter! Good luck and let me know how it goes for ya'll!