Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A WINNER and a little Frisbee Golf

Last week I posted a giveaway for an Allied Medal Hanger and I chose the winner today by using random.org. I am so excited about getting to give one of these away. I'm sorry I have not gotten to it until now, but I have been super busy this past weekend.

Okay Okay, enough of me rambling, the winner is..........


Vanessa, send me an email at kaylajea87@yahoo.com and I will get you the information about what you need to do to get your medal hanger. Congratulations Vanessa!!!

Yesterday, Brian and I went and ran at a local park. Yes, that is right, it is a park that is right down the road from us. Coming from the country and not being close to a park at all, I am so excited that this one is less than a mile away. Although I can not run there, because the highway is extremely busy. Anyways, we went and ran 2 easy miles. This was my first time back training wise since I hurt my knee at my last half in Dallas. I wanted to take a good bit of time off. I took the 2 mile run very slow and added in plenty of walk breaks so I would not over extend myself just yet. 

As we were running, we saw these people playing Frisbee golf. I have only played once and that was a LONG time ago. Brian and I got intrigued by it, so we went and bought a couple of Frisbee golf frisbees at Academy and headed back out to the park. 
 Needless to say we are not pros as you can see by Brian's frisbee going into that tree, but hey it was exercise and at least we are trying. 
Brian's frisbee's.
I know you are probably thinking, how in the world is frisbee golf exercise? Well, first off you are using your arms to throw the frisbee. That is not a natural movement for your arms usually.
My firsbee's. We have a putter one and a distance frisbee.
Secondly, you are either having to hop or skip down the path to throw the frisbee the distance you want too.

Thirdly, you have to walking/running for 18 holes, which is about 1.5-2 miles. And then you also have to climb down in trenches and ditches when you throw your frisbee down there, like my husband had to do.

You also are working your stomach/abs, because you are having to twist your body to throw the frisbee. But you can of course have a little fun, like we did while playing.

Brian is Mickey Mouse. Can you guess what I am.....

I am Minnie Mouse. Do you like my red makeshift bow? hehe

We finished our game, without keeping score and even got some great tips from people as we were playing. Some of these people out there were AMAZING! I did not realize that Frisbee Golf was a professional sport.

I hope everybody else had an active day. If you have not tried Frisbee golf, find a park and try it out. It is fun and you can get some exercise out of it!

Congratulations again Vanessa. Contact me and we will get your medal hanger to you!!!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Thanks again, I'm so excited for this! I've seen people playing frisbee golf before, you look like you had so much fun!

Laura said...

lol cute minnie ears!

my dad is obsessed with frisbee golf!! cute pics! looks like fun!

booo I wanted to win! LOL. but YAY for vanessa! congrats!

Kayla said...

Your welcome Vanessa! You should try and play Frisbee golf sometime. It is pretty addicting and a great workout!
Thanks Laura- we got creative! haha

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Kayla said...

Thank you for stopping by!