Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend and 5K For Asthma Awarness

This weekend was a fun filled and somewhat sad Memorial Weekend. Friday we brought our baby boy TJ (our boxer) to a friend of mine for them to have. He was not adjusting to the apartment style life and if you have ever had a big dog, you know that they need more room than an apartment. My friend has another boxer that is the same age as TJ, so we gave him to them. We know that they will take good care of him and it was so hard for us to give him away, but we know he is happier there. Plus, we can see him whenever we want too. Before we left though, we had a little photo shoot with him. :0)

 We are going to miss him, but it is for the best!

My sister-in-law and her husband came down Friday evening and we hung out at a place that had all kinds of neat things. Bumper cars, batting cages, paintball/areosoft wars and much more. It was a ton of fun and was not that expensive.
 Brian batting first with balls coming very very fast.
I started off in slow pitch, but the next round I moved up to medium pitch. I have not played softball since I was around 10 or 11 years old. 
Then we went to the bumper cars. I spent a  lot of the time trying to catch up to Brian, but I couldn't get to him until the very end. Every time I would turn a corner though, Karen was trying to come up right behind me, but she never could pass me. hehe
 Sorry it is sideways. Forgot to change it before I loaded it.

Then we played something called Phaserzone. It was like paintball, but the little balls were not filled with paint. They still hurt whenever they hit your feet though. 
Don't we look so tough?

Saturday we relaxed and didn't really do a whole lot. Sunday, we got to go to a new church and it was really good. The pastor has such a dry sense of humor, but we really enjoyed listening to him. They recognized all the military personnel and my brother was one of those people. He served in the Air Force for  4 1/2 or 5 years I think. The service brought me to tears thinking of all the people who are fighting so that we can be free here in America.

I spent Monday with my nieces and got to watch them and play with them as well as eat some good food. Then Brian and I hung out with some friends and played a different version of Chicken Foot. It was fun and competitive, but still fun. 

I signed up last week for a virtual 5K supporting Asthma Awareness. I have not ran 3 miles in a long time and I thought this was as good a time as any. I went out and it was very hot outside. I decided to run at a park close by so that I could run in the shade most of the time and not overheat. It was a little hard to breathe from the heat, but I tried to fight through it. I did feel like I was going to throw up one time, so I slowed down and took a break. There was not that many people out there, so that was very nice despite the heat. 
This is before I headed out to go run. I loved the bibs that Ros made. They were very creative. Thank you! 
I had to run a few different ways because the park is pretty small, but I still got it done in 35 minutes. I haven't ran in a while, so I a coming back slowly but surely! 
You can tell how hot it is by my face. I was sweating and my shirt was a darker shade of orange from all the sweat. 
 This is the park that I ran at. So pretty. Brian and I also play Disc Golf here.

Whenever I got back home I was planning on going swimming, but the pool is closed. So I went to the local Kroger and got some more Greek Yogurt and granola and had a nice cool bowl of that. 

Add that with a bottle of water and then another bottle of water mixed with GU Brew!! Yum Yum Yum!!! 

Now, I am just relaxing, washing clothes and picking up. My parents are coming today and I am going to hang out with them for a little bit.

Question: How was everybody's memorial day?
Mine was amazing and I had a great time hanging out with different people. 

Question: Have you ever tried Greek Yogurt? 
I love buying the YoGreek Yogurt. It comes with granola already, but I also like the Dannon. Those are the only two brands that I have tried.


misszippy said...

I love Greek yogurt! I usually buy Trader Joe's brand, but also like Chobani. And adding Granola is the best!

Kayla said...

I have not tried Trader Joe's. We don't have one of those around here, although I wish we did! I haven't tried Chobani either, but I have seen it. I might have to try it next. I love Granola! I am snacking on it right now! haha