Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cleaning, Moving, Giveaway Coming

I have been packing and cleaning since this past Wednesday. It has been crazy. Brian and I are moving to an apartment complex that is cheaper than what we are paying right now this next weekend. We have been researching apartment complexes, duplexes and town homes in our area for a while now and everything has been out of our price range or not in a good area. Here is what happened though, because without God, I do not think this would have been possible.

*We had been looking up apartment complexes for a long time, however I had not called any of them because I was nervous about pet deposits (we have two dogs, a morkie and a boxer).

*I had about five apartment complexes online that I was looking between and I decided that I would call one of them out of the blue that looked fairly nice and their rent was not too high.

*The first thing that I asked them was about the pet deposit. How much was it? They told me $300.00. I was a little shocked and then I asked if State employees got any discounts. They said they were looking for a security officer and I quickly responded with, "Let me call my husband and I will be right back with you."

*I called Brian and asked if he would want to do that or not? He told me to schedule an appointment and we would go there after he got off work.

*I called the apartment complex back and scheduled the appointment. We went there, LOVED IT and then put a down payment down.

*Now, HERE is the kicker......

*The down payment was $200 less than what it should have been because they are running a special. We also only have to pay one pet deposit instead of TWO and we are getting our rent HALF off!!!!

I almost can not believe it myself. We are going to be paying LESS than what we are paying now and it will be our OWN place. Brian and I both were beyond excited and I just kept asking myself, "What is the catch?"

It is gated, has a workout facility and a pool, and it is very close to shopping and places I can get a part time job until I can find a teaching job! It is a HUGE blessing in our lifes right now and I am still in shock.
Now comes the fun part. We are moving this next weekend and I am also going on a Prayerscape Retreat. So that means, Brian gets to move by himself (and his dad), but still without me there. That makes me a little beyond nervous!
Here is a picture of the apartment that we chose. We are upstairs, so we will have to get used to that.
It is small, but it is ours and this gives us a chance to see exactly where we want to live and in what area. We are still not sure exactly where we want to live right now or where we want to buy a house at. We have quite a few options.

So along with moving, comes CLEANING. I love to clean, but not pack at the same time. I just started using this new cleaning items called Method and LOVE IT!! It is a naturally-derived, biodegradable product that is safe for humans and animals.
My favorites right now are the Pink Grapefruit multi purpose cleaner, the tube and tile cleaner and the Baby bowl toilet cleaner. It smells amazing and is safe for you. You can find it at Target as well as online Here.


Last, but not least, I will have a review and giveaway for Allied Medal Displays in the next week. I am waiting until after I move, so that I will have things organized. I am so excited to do this review and giveaway, so stay tuned for it!


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

How wonderful! Such a great place and so happy it all worked out so perfectly!

Kayla said...

Thanks Vanessa!!

Jenny said...

How exciting! It's amazing how things come together. Good luck this week!

Karen said...

:0) I was thinking of going to help you and Brian and my dad move on Saturday....didn't realize you wouldn't be there! I thought the prayer retreat was later on in the month! Ah well!