Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh Where oh Where is my husbands iPod

Oh where oh where is my husbands iPod, oh where oh where could it be? I have searched hi and searched low, but still it is nowhere to be seen! 

About a month ago, Brian could not find his iPod touch. Other then our boxer TJ, this iPod is like his baby. Well I searched for about 3 days and still could not find it. I was a nervous wreck because he was so upset and I thought that I had lost it. I even told him that for our anniversary I was going to get him a new one to replace his old one. I felt SO BAD!

WELL, guess what I found today while packing.........YEP, you are right, I found his iPod, but you will never guess where.

In the utility room (laundry room). I pulled a wicker basket out that I had not touched since we moved here a year ago and was going to take it with us, but needed to clean it out. I pulled a few things out of it and then there it was, underneath a stud finder. I was ecstatic!!!!! My first thought was that I could put it in the original case and pretend like I got him a new one for our anniversary, and then whenever he looked at it, he would know it was his. But I knew that would probably freak him out. So instead, I called him and told him and he said, "So, you hid it from me and now you are just now finding it!" hahahahahaha

I am charging it now, but he was so excited that I found it! I was happy to, because that saved us another $200+ dollars for another iPod touch.

I just had to share my good news. Back to packing and loading up!

I hope everybody has had a Wonderful Wednesday!


misszippy said...

Whew! What a bonus to have it turn up!

Karen said...

...and just so it wasn't lost in the masses again, I put it at the end of y'alls bathroom cabinet in the bathroom when you first walk in! lol All of the other available surfaces had stuff piled on them and I didn't want the iPod to get lost again! :0)

Kayla said...

haha thank you very much. Brian has it now, so it is not my responsibility now if it gets lost.