Monday, May 3, 2010

Village Creek Catfish Festival Recap

2 weekends ago was the Village Creek Catfish Festival. I have not had time to recap about the race since then, so I am doing that now. It was the first time that they did this 5K and it was very well organized for it being the first time. Way better then I thought it would be. I had not been feeling good that night before and that day, so I probably should not have ran, but I did anyways. My highschool athlete came out in me, where anytime I got sick I would just suck it up and play the game or run anyways, so that is just what I did.
Before the race. I only saw one other person wearing a running skirt and she was not very nice whenever I complimented her on hers. Oh well. I am sporting my running of the ears shirt where it all started with a skirt! hehe
And we are off. They were not very good about letting us know when to start, everybody just kind of started running. I was just a little bit surprised about that. Brian told me they were about to start and so that is whenever I started running.
My dad was in this group whenever he was training for his marathon. I would love to join this running group, but they are a little farther away to drive every Saturday morning.
I felt horrible, as you can tell there was no smile and my sleeves were rolled up completely. I was so hot and nasty and did not feel good at all, but I did finish!
Mrs. Jennifer and her son were also there to run the race! It was his first race and he did so awesome! I was so proud of him!
Brian was there to support me as he always is! I love him so much for always being there for me!

I will be running this one next year if they have it. I know it will be even better next year since this was their first year! Up next....The Gusher 5K and then the Contraband 5 Miler!


Karen said...

Looks hot and nasty! LOL Great job, Kayla!!!

Kayla said...

It was so hot and humid and nasty. I was not a fan that it started at 9 too! Even hotter then. Can't wait for this weekend! said...

glad you got to do an organized race lol! good luck this w/e

Kayla said...

Thanks Heather! It was a great race, other then being sick!