Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finally Not Sick!!!!!

 I have been sick this whole past week, coughing, sneezing, sinuses like crazy! I had to take off all week to run, because I have not even been able to move hardly! But just today I feel like I can actually put on my running shoes and go out for a nice run! I may do that this evening depending on what we do! I have a race next weekend and I am really excited about it! It is a 5K and my sister-in-law is running it with me and then afterwards I get to meet up for my nieces birthday lunch!
Hopefully my body will not be to mad at me for taking a week off from running. I am not expecting to PR in this upcoming 5K, because I could not train this whole past week, but that is okay!

On another note, we almost adopted a 1 1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel today. She was beautiful and I still want her, but my nieces are allergic to the dandruff on dogs that are not hypoallergenic. They can stay around them for a little while, but not for long periods of time. This dog was the sweetest dog I have ever seen. She was solid black, crate trained, all shots up to date and everything. She is at 4 Paws Pet Society and is only $150.00 to adopt her. You have to fill out an application, but that is okay, because she is that AWESOME!
The only thing I did not like about her was that whenever a younger boy walked by she went towards him and kind of snipped at him and started growling and barking, so I am not sure how she is around kids, but she was so sweet and playful all the rest of the time.
Another lady came up behind me when Brian and I were thinking about getting her and she told us that she drove all the way home and then came back because she wanted to adopt her too.
Brian and I decided not to try and get her though, because of how she acted towards that little boy, and decided if that is the kind of dog we want to get next, that we will probably try to find a breeder and get one as a puppy to raise instead of not knowing what exactly the background of the dog is.

Oh well, this is what she looked like....she is so sweet......

When we saw her she was shaved and looked great! She is only 15 pounds. If you want to adopt her or look into her here is where you can go...

I hope everybody has a great and beautiful weekend!!


Karen said...

I can't wait for next weekend! I know I won't PR either so we're all good! LOL

Ebony looks sweet! :0)

Anonymous said...

good luck next weekend! luckily, you can't really gain any fitness in the week leading up to a race, just maintain your current level, so, the rest was probably really good for you but not running this week shouldn't have hurt, so you should be good to go!

Kayla said...

Thanks girls!