Tuesday, April 13, 2010

6 Miles and next race

It has been a while since I posted on here. This past week my husband graduated from the State Trooper Academy and I was gone for a while supporting him with that. I am so proud of him for completing this 6 month journey! He is my HERO!!!!

On Sunday, I decided that since I did not get to run my 6 miles on Saturday, I would run it on Sunday. It was not very windy, so I knew it would be a great day. I started out running and went down a road that I had only ridden my bike on and was really nervous to run on. I had pepper spray with me that I bought at a store called GT Distributors (cop store) and felt a little better about the dogs. Anyways, there is a house that I will not run past because they have 4 huge dogs in the yard. I went to see if they were in the yard and they were, so I turned back around and ran back the way I came. By the time I got back home, it was 4.75 miles and I knew I needed to run another mile and a half. I drank half of my water bottle and then started on on my way. I ended up running 6.15 miles in all and it felt great.
A friend of mine told me that once I get past 5 miles it would be easier and she was right. Although my feet were a little numb after I ran.
This Saturday I have my next 5K. It is the Village Creek Festival 5K close to Beaumont. It is the first time they are doing the race and I am really excited that it is going on. It starts at 9 a.m. so it is probably going to be really hot that day. It is going to benefit Project Graduation for one of the schools in the area. I am very excited about running this race.

Tomorrow I will hopefully be running 4 miles.


Karen said...

go kayla go! =]

Karen said...

Good job on six miles! :0)

I wish we lived closer so we could run together more often! :0( lol

Kayla said...

Thanks Karen!!! I wish we lived closer too. I saw that girl you ran with that went from 6 mi. to 12 mi. How sore was she the next day?? LOL

Anonymous said...

GL in the race! The race I am doing next weekend starts at 9 and I am nervous about the heat, too! be careful!

Kayla said...

Let me know about your race. I looked up the March of dimes race, but could not find one close enough to me.