Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bike Ride

Brian and I went on a nice 6 mile bike ride yesterday. I have been wanting to go down this road for a while, but did not want to go by myself because of there being dogs all over the place. I wanted to see what the road was like back there so whenever I do want to run on there I will be able to. The road was very bumpy on the bikes, but we rode for 3 miles one way and then turned around and rode 3 miles back for a total of 6 miles. It was such a beautiful day and I loved being able to ride my bike with Brian.

Now I know what that road is like and that I need to carry pepper spray. There was only 3 dogs, but 2 of them were chained up one was running around. I probably will never run past those dogs, just so that I do not have to deal with them.

Brian graduates this weekend from the Academy and I am so excited and ready for him to graduate!!!!

I hope everybody has had a great Easter with friends and family. HE is risen today and forever!!! Remember the true reason for today!


Anonymous said...

the bike ride sounds nice!

Karen said...

Sounds like a fun bike ride! :0)

Kayla said...

It was an amazing bike ride. A little bumpy but so nice. We will be doing that again soon for sure!!!