Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Free to Breathe 5K Results

This past Saturday was the Free to Breathe 5K in Louisiana. This was such an amazing race and it was a beautiful day! I ran the race with my sister-in-law Karen. We both PR'd which is great! My official time was 31:06 and I ran a 10:01 pace! I was #194 out of 402 people.

Before the race started. We were trying to get situated. My husband was the designated hold this guy.
Please hold this, is what we were constantly saying to him. I think at one time he had 5 shirts, 2 water bottles, 1 jacket and a camera. haha He was so great though. That is why I love him.
 My father-in-law (in the middle) was going to walk the 5K to help support Lung Cancer while Karen and I ran the 5K.
Karen and I were walking towards her running group called Go Run. www.gorun.com  They are a really cool group that meets together on Saturdays and sometimes during the week to run and train together.
We were getting ready for the race. Let's see....garmin watch, check...iphone/ipod, check....Salcony running shoes, check...running skirt, check.........TIME TO RACE!!!!
And were off. We were behind a kind of slow group at first, but then we found our way around the pack. It was a beautiful day and there supporting a great cause.
Karen came in before me and she did an awesome job! She PR'd on this race. I was so proud of her! WAY TO GO KAREN!!!!!!!
I came in a couple of minutes after her. I PR'd on my time too. When I threw my hands up it was really cool, because it got a bunch of people to start cheering.
They had  a few booths with water, oranges, bananas, water, cokes, all kinds of stuff. Then they brought jumbalya after the race, which I thought was really funny, because if I would have eaten that, it would have probably not stayed down.
Karen and I after the race. Feeling great, because we both PR'd on our time. We both can not wait for the next race!
Every race that we uaually run, we always got o IHop afterwards. This was no different. We had a great time  and got some great food!
After the race, that night, we celebrated Brian's parents 33rd anniversary with family. We went out to eat and then came back. This is my little family that I love so much!

It was a great and fun weekend. I can not wait for the next race, which will be April 17th, The Village Catfish Festival.

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