Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally Moved and Ran

Brian and I finally got a chance to move on Saturday and I am slightly getting unpacked, but I got up on Sunday and ran 2 miles. It felt so great! I ran down a road that I know pretty well and know a lot of people on it. One lady even yelled at me "Run Forest Run!" haha

The 2 miles did kind of hurt because I had not run in 3 weeks due to packing, moving and having to clean up so much stuff, but I know after you do not run for 1 week it is like starting over. I was not expecting to feel so great on this run, but it actually felt okay.

I finished my day yesterday and decided I was going to run 3 miles instead of 2 just to see how it felt and if I could do it after not running for 3 weeks. Surprisingly, I ran the 3 miles and I only stopped twice. It felt great! The road that I ran down was nice and there was only two dogs, but they only followed me for about a minute and that was it. It was a beautiful sun shining day and I was dying to run! Now that I got my 3 miles back though and I know I can do it, I can start building on that and getting back into my schedule.

It is true what they said and like I said before, if you take a week or two weeks off, be prepared to have to almost start over. It is not to fun. I signed up for the 5K Gusher in Beaumont, TX and am about to sign up for the Free to Breath Lung Cancer Awaraness Race. I am going to have 3 races in May that I am supposed to be running! I can not wait!

After seeing recaps on the Rock in Roll Half, I am seriously thinking about running this next year if everything is not to stressful next year! It looks like a lot of fun, and it is at a great time in the year!
Today is my off today, so I am unpacking some more and working on a few things.


Karen said...

I'm glad you were able to get your run in!!! YAY!

Woohoo we could be race buddies next year! Wouldn't it be funner (haha) to run the PRINCESS in Disney World?!? lol I know that's a bad time,'ll be in school or whatever. OH well maybe one year!! :0)

Anonymous said...

great job on the run kayla! thats great! Keep going on that mileage and you will get better!

Kayla said...

haha yes Karen, I am planning on running a half next year, I am just not sure which one just yet!!

Thanks Heather! I know my endurance is getting better! I am going to be running a 5 miler in May, so I have to be ready by then!!