Friday, August 6, 2010

Heat and my almost broke toe

I usually run in the morning or late in the evening, but the other day I was visiting my husbands family and decided to run with my sister-in-law Karen. She usually runs after she gets off work around 4-4:30. I was a little leary about it, but decided to go ahead because we hardly ever get to spend time together, much less run together. It started out okay as we made the first loop because it was very shaded, but after that, the sun started beating down on us.
Karen got the idea to turn on the sprinklers and run through them. I hadn't done that in a long time, much less I used to always get in my pool whenever I was little.
We ran through the sprinklers like we were little kids! It was so much fun and cooled us off so much.
I loved it, but as we started running again, we were dry in about 5 minutes from the heat! It was kinda frustrating.
This is after we ran in the sprinklers for the second time! It felt great, but as you can tell, we were both hot and sweaty, not to mention wet! So, if you are going to run in the heat, where there is a heat advisory, then make sure you have plenty of water, shade, and a few sprinkler systems to run through. That will help you cool off some!
I went out yesterday with all of my biking equipment on. I was so excited to wear everything that I got. I added a cushioned seat to it and a water bottle, but do not have a holder for my bike yet!
Brian decided to come with me and we rode for 8 miles down some County Roads.

It was a long ride, but is not near as bad on your knees as running is. I am going to start switching in and out riding my bike for 8-10 miles or longer and then running. That way I won't tear up my knees.

Sorry this is turning into a long post, but it has been a while.
The day before yesterday I was babysitting my nieces and their friend. They were all swimming and one of my nieces wanted me to move a small umbrella over so she would have some shade. As I picked up the umbrella with a very heavy base, I thought it was latched, and would just move it.
Guess again. I picked it up, and all of sudden the base fell off of it, and it landed straight on my big toe on my right foot.
 This is what it looks like now. It hurts like crazy. It is kinda blue and green below the knuckle of my toe, but I can kinda put pressure on it now, not much though! My brother is a orthopedic surgeon and said that there is not much I can do with a broke toe, but let it heal over time and ice it. He said I could wear a hard sole shoe (such as a steel toed boot), but that would be really heavy for one foot. I don't know. I am just icing it now and not running on it, at least still the color goes away.

I guess it is a good thing I have gotten into bike riding. That will give me some kind of exercise.

Remember- don't pick up pool/deck umbrellas without checking the base first or lifting it up also with your other hand, or else the picture above will happen to you. Ouch!

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Jo Lynn said...

where do you find info about local races? i think that i may stay more focused on my running if i had a goal for myself! i might could do a 5K!!!