Saturday, January 21, 2012

Battling Some Mountaintops

My sister-in-law was able to run the Houston Half marathon last weekend and I am so proud of her for finishing the race. While she was there she was also able to meet Josh Cox (American Record Holder for the Ultra-Marathon). 

From her mentioning that, it made me think about a friend of mine that I hang out with and always encourage. His name is Larry West and he is going to be running a 100 mile race in just 2 weeks. You can find out more about him on his fb page Trooper on the Run. I wanted to put his name out there for anybody who may be considering running an ultra-marathon. It is no easy task and I know this from talking to him many times about it. He is always encouraging new runners or people who have been running for a while (like myself). 

There was also a quote that I am going to be putting on my computer at school because it struck such a cord with me. 
“You can’t fully enjoy the mountaintops without the hills or the valleys.”

At school I am always dealing with mountaintops, hills and valleys. Whether it be testing, materials, money, parents, kids or coworkers. I beyond LOVE my job and everybody that I work with and I could not be anymore blessed about the job that God has placed me in. I feel as thought right now I am on a mountaintop with life. 

However I have had to go through the valleys to get to my mountaintop high. I searched for 2 years for a job with no luck and had bosses that I felt did not back me up. I have gone 6 months 4 months after we were married, without my husband with me because he was going through the State Trooper Academy. I have gone through the pain of not wanting to run because I was burned out. (Even though I wanted to run so badly!) I have dealt with loosing friends under circumstances I can not help and I have dealt with people giving their opinions in such a rude way just because they want to disagree with you. It is a horrible feeling to be in a valley, but once you get out of those and reach the mountaintop


My advice to myself as well as everybody out there is to strive for those mountaintops but remember that the valleys and hills are placed in your life for you to remember that the mountaintop is that much more beautiful and sweet! You learn from the valleys and hills as God will never put you through anything if he did not expect to see you through it. Whether this be running, biking, races, friends, jobs or opinions of other people. 

“You can’t fully enjoy the mountaintops without the hills or the valleys.”

Question: Have you ever been through a hill or valley and then saw the mountaintop? 


Karen said...

I LOVED getting to speak with Josh Cox and I'm so glad he told me that quote. It really is true and speaks volumes!!
Thanks for the props! :0)

Suz and Allan said...

This is a wonderful quote and so true. I am going through this right now with my running and getting back up to speed after being sick. Thanks for the reminder that it's bound to get better!