Monday, January 16, 2012

Debate between Shoes??

On Saturday, I went to a new running store that they just got in close to where I live. It is a specialty running store that will video you whenever you run and tell you how you are running and then will analyze your stride/walk to see what kind of shoes might work best for you. They do not put any pressure on you to buy their shoes at all. They just want you to be happy and be able to run and to love yourself and the shoes you have on. I LOVE THAT!

Whenever I went on Saturday, I had never been, only read about it on facebook and was waiting for it to open. I had a few questions I wanted to ask the about some of their products. As I talked to them, I also wanted to relay that information to you on here because what they told me was very helpful. The first things I talked to them about was the Injinji Toesocks.
I have a pair of vibrams that I use for cross training, and I have heard wonderful things about these socks being used with the vibrams as well with normal running shoes. These socks are made from Nylon and lycra so they are breathable and lightweight. They fit the contour of your foot and are designed to get in between your toes to help prevent blisters. I normally do not get blisters except on the inside part of my foot right below my toes, but I love how my vibrams separate my toes, so I am hoping these will feel somewhat the same.

The next item that I asked about was shoes. I am going to be needing a new pair of running shoes pretty quick, so I have been looking at all kinds of shoes. I know which ones I do not like and that is Nike, New Balance, and Puma. I love the styles of the shoes, but they kill my feet. Two that I have been looking at are the Newtons and the Saucony's.
I have worn Saucony shoes my whole time of running and I love them, but I feel like my feet need something different. Or maybe they do not and I am just going crazy. I am not sure. Anyways, I asked the guy in the store what the difference in the two shoes was and he started explaining to me. I told him I had ran 5 half marathons so he knew that I knew what I was talking about when it came to running.

Based on what he said, he is my short cliff notes version: 

Newton's- If you are not a foefoot runner, then you should not be running in the Newtons. These shoes are designed for people who run more on the ball of their foot and do not heel strike. He said that he has seen more injuries from people who have worn these shoes and heel strike come in because they tore something. This could be their achilles tendon to something in their calf. I told him that I new how to run on the ball of my foot because of the Vibrams, but he said that unless you are a natural ball of your foot landing runner, he would NOT suggest them to anybody.

This is just his and my opinion, so if you wear Newtons, and you love them, then that is great. To each person, their own shoe. My brother has torn his achilles tendon, so I know what it is like to see somebody in pain  that is an athlete not be able to do anything because they are injured that badly.

Saucony's-  Saucony's are designed for all kinds of runners. They make so many different kinds of shoes that it is pretty easy to find a style that fits you. I have been running in the Omni style Pro Gride. They are designed for people who run on roads that may be pretty unstable or just not as smooth as a sidewalk always is. However, they also make Saucony's that have a smaller level of resistance for those people that do not need the extra support.

I am hoping to go into the store in the next month and see what kind of shoes that I like the best and what I will be hopefully training for my full in this year. I have not decided what full I want to do, but I will figure one out!

I hope everybody is having a wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I have it off, so I am going to be finishing up some school work and relaxing!

Question: What type of shoes do you love/run in? 


ImTheMarigold said...

SAUCONY all the way! I have strayed from them before and always regretted. Right now I'm in the Kinvara 2 and loving it.

Kayla said...

I love mine too, but I am just in a rut right now trying to figure it out!

Heather Montgomery said...

I must respectfully disagree with the guy at the store. Newtons design is to teach you to not heel strike, that's the whole point of them, they don't allow you to heel strike. If you do heel strike you are supposed to start very slowly in them, just like in vibrams so that you don't injure your calves/Achilles. The only reason I bring it up is b/c I would hate for someone to shy away from wearing them b/c they think they aren't supposed to wear them as a heel striker. Of course, everyone should do what they think is best for their own body, but I have been slowly breaking in my newtons for 3 weeks now and aside from slight calf soreness it's been great! Check out this link on the newton page:
good luck deciding what kind of shoe to get! another I recommend is the Altra. I blogged about them yesterday. But I also have to say, if you found a shoe that works for you, feels good, and keeps you injury free I would stick with it!

Kayla said...

As I said in my post Heather, these were his opinions and mine as I have a pair of Vibrams and they are designed very similar to the Newtons. To each his own on their pair of shoes! The Calf soreness is normal for any shoes that forces you to run on your toes! Mine were the same way for a while. My opinion for you is to not stop running in them (for a period of time), because if you stop for a while, then your calfs will go back to being the way they were before and you will have to retrain to get them back.