Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jazz Half Marathon???? Yes or No??????

So I am debating about doing the New Orleans Jazz Half Marathon. It is on October 30, 2010 and it would be my very first half marathon!

If I was to do this, I would not set a goal for myself except to finish the race running.Now whether that meant running the whole thing, or walking some inbetween, I would at least run the last mile as hard as I could. It is in New Orleans and it is a fairly flat course. I would love to be able to run there, and since it is in October, maybe by God's Grace there would be a bit of cool air coming through. It is only $50.00 right now to run it and then it goes up to $60 after September. I am pretty sure that I could swing that right now.

I am still planning on running the Rock and Roll Dallas Half Marathon in March 2011, but I am very very tempted to run the Jazz Half. I would be able to get a training schedule in July or August and follow that to the T to train for the half.
I would not be alone on this race (hopefully). I would (hopefully) be running with my sister-in-law who I consider very experienced in half marathon's. She has ran two and is about to run another one in October. It would help to run with somebody instead of running alone. They always say that a running buddy is better than anything.

I am still debating, but I think I may just do it. I just have to talk to the husband and see what he says.


Tricia said...

so exciting!

Kayla said...

Thanks Tricia!!!

Karen said...

YAY! Can't wait! :0) You are going to do a great job in training! said...

kayla I am hoping to run this, it is a VERY flat and fast course. it should start out cool but will get hot as the race goes on. I am going to wait and sign up though, I am not ready to commit lol!

Kayla said...

Heather- I am waiting to sign up too until September possibly. Hopefully by then (if I have a job) I will see if I can handle training and everything on top of it.

Thanks Karen! Hopefully I will have a running buddy! :0) hehe