Friday, January 14, 2011

Less than 4 weeks!!!

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!   In less than 4 weeks from now, I will be running my second half marathon, the Rock n Roll Mardi Gras! I have only been training for 5 weeks (9 in all) and I am pretty nervous. I had to take off a month after my last half marathon because of my knee. It was hurting me pretty bad, but now it is so much better.

I have 8 miles coming up. I did 6 last week and it went pretty well. So, now up to 8 and then it is only 5 more miles until I reach my goal again! I have also made a decision to add another half marathon to my list. I am going to be running "The Gusher Half Marathon"It is 2 weeks before the Rock n Roll Dallas, but I am going to run it very easy with a few friends. My ultimate goal is to possibly break 2:30 in the Dallas Half. But if I do not do it, then that is okay. I also have another one where I can do that.

I will be updating soon with some more pictures from is a few to leave you with for now though.

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