Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Compression Socks...Yes or No?

It feels like I have not stopped running for a while. I started back up in my training for my next half marathon, the RnR New Orleans the Monday after Christmas. I started counting and I have 9 weeks until I run this race. I am not to worried about PR'ing, because I had to take so much time off after my other race.

What I am working for with this race is to get the three medals...RnR Mardi Gras, RnR Dallas and then the 26.2 Musical Miles.

If you run 2 RnR races in one year you can get this medal! I am completely and totally excited about this one. I am hoping to maybe PR in the RnR Dallas with a sub 2:30. We will see if that happens.  I have also added another half marathon to my list. I am going to be running The Gusher 2 weeks before RnR Dallas. The Gusher will be a sort of training run for me.

I am having to bump up my mileage a mile to two miles each week on my long days since I have such a short time period to run. I ran 6 miles this past week on my long day and this week I have 8 miles. I am feeling good while running, so hopefully I can keep it up.

My question to all of you that may or may not read my blog is; What do you think of compression socks? 

I have heard some people like them and some people do not? What is the benefits of wearing them when you are running. What are the downsides about them. Where is a good place to get them from? How do they help? I am curious and would possibly like to try them for my next race that I am running if they will help.

Any advice or suggestions is greatly needed. Thanks everyone!


nikeathena said...

I've recently started wearing the RunningSkirts Swift compression socks. If I stretch properly, I don't notice much of a difference while I'm running, but my calves are much less sore post-run if I keep them on for 20 min-hour postrun. The biggest appeal about compression socks is they keep the blood and oxygen moving through your legs to prevent cramping and tightness. What I've been told is the tighter the better and the cheap ones at Wal-Mart for the elderly work just as well as the freakishly expensive ones you just might not want to be seen in them. Good luck with your training!

Kayla said...

Thanks so much Nikeathena. That is the ones I am debating between is the ones from runningskirts. I love their skirts so much. Thanks for all the tips! My calves usually get sore around mile 8-10, so maybe I will get some and try them out.