Friday, September 2, 2011

Hope Center Gala

This past week Brian and I attended the Hope Pregnancy Clinic Annual Gala event. It was amazing to say the least. I never get to dress up all fancy and nice. Well at least since Disney and my wedding. I had a faculty meeting the evening of the gala and I got a friend to curl my hair after the meeting. She did an amazing job (way better than I could have done).

Brian and I before the Gala started. I had to get ready after the meeting. I had a 2.5 hour time block to make myself look presentable!

The speaker at the event was Patrick Henry Hughes! He is simply amazing. He is blind and has a disorder where he can not stretch his arms out past 90 degrees. He can play the piano better than anybody I have ever heard and he marched in a college marching band. His father would push him around the field in a Core marching band formation. His dad also works a night shift so that he can help Patrick Henry during the day.
We got to meet Patrick Henry Hughes Jr. He is such an inspirational man!
I loved how the tables were set up at the gala.
My mother made and donated the quilt for the silent auction! It was so pretty and she worked very hard on it. She is so good at making these items! I love them and her! On the inside of the quilt, it has balloons that she sticked in there and little strings hanging down.
Brian and I at the gala! 

My brother and I at the gala. 
My brother and his wife were the ones that invited us to the gala. Do you see a family resemblance? My sister-in-law volunteers at the Hope Clinic as a counselor! It is a fantastic facility that helps so many girls/women a year. They try to prevent abortion and try to help people keep their babies or show other options for the moms to be. (This is just my opinion, so if I have offended anybody, then that is not my intention.)

If you have not heard of Patrick Henry Hughes, then you need to look him up and read his story. He is phenomenal at speaking and his inspirational story.

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Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh wow, what a great organization! I absolutely love this!

And girl, you look fabulous in that dress!