Saturday, September 4, 2010

Long Mileage and I finally Signed up!

I haven't been able to blog in a while because I have been busy working all this past week! It has been a crazy week full of long evenings, so by the time 10 pm came around I was tired and did not feel like doing anything!
Anyways, last weekend I was supposed to do 8 miles. At that time I was not planning on running with anybody and was trying to figure out what my route would be and where I would run. I live in the country, so there is a lot of open roads, but a lot of them have dogs that come out on the road and are not very nice.
Brian and I decided to go see his family for his sisters birthday that weekend. So, I got to run with her on Sat, since she is training for a full marathon and I am training for a half marathon we ended up having to run the same mileage! We set out and did 6 miles and then came back to home base. We refueled at that point and then set out on our own for another 2 miles. It was so hard to get back started, because I had stopped running and did not want to run anymore. But, we did it and I finished my first 8 mile run!

It felt so great that day. Hardly any humidity and the sun was not out yet!

After that, we had birthday fun to celebrate with Karen and her family. But I did crash for about 3 hours after I ran that 8 miles.
Brian and I got to ride in Jason's dad's convertible mustang! I had never been in one and it was so AWESOME! I loved it, but I never want one. It was such a tight sqeeze in and out of there.
One of our favorite places to go where Brian's parents live is O'Charleys. It is one of a kind and I have only heard of it being in Louisiana. We ate there that night for Karen's birthday. I had a shrimp pasta, So GOOD!
Karen and I also made these necklaces! We saw them on a website and they were $20.00. I knew there was another way to make those for half the price. We went to hobby lobby, found the supplies we needed and off to create we went. Karen's is the one on top and mine is on the bottom. This is what the front says.
And these are the back! I love it! I can not wear mine until after October, but I am excited that I made them!

I just finished my other 8 mile run today. I was hoping that God would allow the cool weather to stay around all day and guess what.....HE DID!!! Thank you Lord for the cool wind and no humidity! I ran 8 miles with no problem and all by myself! I only have 5 more miles to go before I get to my half marathon goal!


Karen said...

That was a fun weekend! Those necklaces look like they could use a little help! lol The writing is all sideways! I did glue mine by the way, and it did well! Didn't know if you finished yours or not...

Kayla said...

Yeah, I finished mine and got it all glued down! It looks great! I just have to wait until October/November to wear it now. haha

Anonymous said...

good job on the run!

we have O'charleys here in MS, too. We actually ate there last week!

Kayla said...

Thanks Heather! I have never seen one in MS, but I have never been near where you live. I have only ever heard of it in La.

Have you ever eaten at a BBQ place there I think it is called "The Shed"?
If not, you should try it. It is so good, if you or Bobby like BBQ that is.