Monday, September 27, 2010

LOVE the COOL Weather!!!!

Finally.......God decided to give us some cool weather! I have been waiting for this for forever! It has felt like it has been forever that I have been running in the heat as well as everybody else I am sure. This morning Brian and I set out on a 3 mile run. I have been trying to get Brian to run with me for a while now and he has been so busy that he hasn't been able to. Plus, he tells me that running is my thing and he does not want to get in the way. Oh well, that does not bother me, he is in shape and does what he needs to do to stay in shape!

With Fall, comes fall colors, smells, sights and so much more. I already have my house decorated with fall items here and there and I have a smell called Baked Apple that is all over my house! I love it so much, because it makes it smell like Fall and Christmas are coming.
Plus, on top of all that fun stuff, they are starting to sell.....

PUMPKIN!!!! I am beyond excited, because not only do I like pumpkin pie, but so does my husband and my family. This is usually what I make for both sides of the family. Last year I learned how to make pumpkin cheesecake, and while it is not that good for you, it is so GOOD!!!! I will try to make some soon and post a recipe! It is delicious!

We will see what I have time to make. The last pie that I baked was a Chocolate Cream pie...

I am just now starting to figure out how to do the mirangue (spelling) on top. It took me a while to get it, but now I can do it just right!

For running news, it is my tapering month. I just finished running 6 miles this past weekend, and then next weekend is my longest run before the half. I will have 12 miles, then I believe it is 6 miles, 4 miles, and then 3 miles maybe. I have to look at my schedule again!

I hope everybody is enjoying the beautiful weather outside. I have already washed my car and finished painting a room. :0)

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~ Katie ~ said...

Girl! You make me tired just reading about all that! Def share the pumpkin cheesecake recipe...sounds so good!

Tricia said...

I was excited to see pumpkin in the stores too ;)

Kayla said...

Katie- I will share it as soon as I get a chance to make it. It will probably be a week or too.

It made me tired when I looked at the tapering schedule for this month. haha

Tricia- Have you made anything good with the pumpkin that you use?

Anonymous said...

dont taper too soon! for a half two weeks is plenty, I wouldnt do anymore personally, but snce its your first half maybe you want to.
I love how all you leaves have changes, ours have not yet!

Kayla said...

Not all of our leaves have changed just yet! They are getting close. That was closer to the lake!

I understand about the tapering, that is just what my schedule tells me to do, so that is what I am following. I looked at it the other day, and it is 10 this weekend, 8 and then 6. So, it is not to bad.

David Garcia said...

Will look forward to reading your Pumpkin Pie recipe.

Just passing by