Wednesday, October 6, 2010

12 Miles and Tapering

Good Evening!! It has been a crazy week for me this week. I have been running with a cross country group, subbing and helping my parents update a house! Along with trying to clean my house up and make it look somewhat organized!

This past Sat. I went out to the Cross Country meet which the guys and girls dominated in and I am extremely proud of them! I rode with a friend of mine that I grew up with that I have not seen in years! It was a lot of fun and I am glad that I got to hang out with her! After I got back home, I headed to the lake and I changed into my running clothes to head out for 12 miles! This was my longest distance yet, and I was extremely nervous about running it.
I started running after lunch and it was so NICE outside! It was windy and the sun was behind the trees, so I barley sweated at all.

Throughout my run it was great, BUT there was 10+ hills going one way, so going back and forth, there was 20+ in all. It was miserable! I had to walk quite a few times because of how many hills there was. I ran 3 miles out and back and then refueled and did that again! My amazing husband was nice enough to go out there with me on my second stretch, but he was my water boy. At about mile 9 I called to see if he could bring me some Gatorade, because I was getting pretty dehydrated. After that mile, he want to mile 11 and waited for me, and then did the same thing at mile 12. I was so grateful for that.

Something weird that happened to me on this run, that has never happened to me before, is that I started chaffing on my legs! That has NEVER EVER happened to me before, even when I ran in high school. I do not know if it was from the cool/dry weather or what. Brian brought me this handy dandy tube of stuff and I lathered it on and went about my way. this happened about mile 4.

I have only used the Body Glide Anti Chafe and Body Glide Anti Pain and both of them have been fabulous! I also use it on my feet to help prevent from blisters and my feet drying out. I bought mine in a two pack.
I was almost finished with my run and about mile 11.5 I started getting this killing pain in my side. I was not sure what it was from, because it was definitely not because I was not in shape. It felt like somebody was really stabbing me. I asked my dad (he has trained for a full marathon) and he told me it was my body trying to get air. I was not quite sure what that meant, but after I talked to my sister-in-law Karen I understood a little better. She said that it is my diaphragm contracting and if you are not used to running that long of a distance (10-13 miles), then your body will do that to you, until it is used to it, and it stretches out. Hopefully that does not happen in my half marathon though!

I only have 3 weeks left until my half marathon day and I am getting super excited about it! I only have 1 really long run left and then two easier ones after that and then it will be time! Woohooo So Excited!!!!!

I need to finish putting out a few decorations around the house! Have a great night/day everybody!

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