Monday, October 25, 2010

Tight Tendons and HEAT

This past week was just around 2 weeks before my big race and I was already starting to get nervous. Not only was I nervous, but my legs were killing me. On Monday, I had went out for a 5 mile run and I could barley finish. I knew something was wrong, because my legs have never hurt that bad in my life! I tried stretching them, ice, foam rolling (which I thought I was going to die doing) and even asking Brian to massage them. NOTHING worked! I was starting to get really scared, because I thought there is no way I can run with my legs killing me this bad for 13.1 miles.

I ended up going to academy one day to get some more GU packs for my upcoming half marathon. While I was there I went to see what sales they had going on for the clothes and I saw a girl that I had met once before at the running group I go to sometimes. She is AMAZING. She just finished running in the Tri World Championship race in...wait for it....HAWAII!

She is a a good way. When I saw her, I knew she would know what was going on with my legs. I started talking to her and describing that my legs were hurting even when I was standing up and walking, not just when I flexed my muscles. She immediately told me that it was my tendons and not my muscles and that I needed to take a very hot bath (as hot as I could stand it) and sit in it for at least 15 minutes. Then to get out and stretch. We talked a little longer and then we both left.
I went home and did just as she had told me to do. I sat there for around 20 minutes and I could feel a difference already in how my legs felt. I got out and stretched while I was watching tv for a while.

Now, the true test was going to be whether or not come Sunday if my legs were still hurting when I started to run. I took off on Sunday and guess what.....

My legs were not only NOT hurting, but it felt GREAT!! I knew from then on that I was going to be taking lots of very hot baths to help relax my tendons.

In other news, the Cross Country team that I have been helping out with all semester is going to be competing in district this Wed. and I am so excited for them!
Here is some of the boys taking off! I wish I could go see them run, but I have to work like most adults. haha
This past weekend was the Women of Faith Conference in San Antonio, and I was able to attend this only by God. I was not going to be going at first because it was quite expensive, but a ticket became available and I was asked to come by somebody who has become a great friend. I was very excited. I was able to hang out and get to know some AMAZING women this weekend! They had so many different speakers such as Natalie Grant, Mary Mary, Michelle Aguilar (Season 5 winner of the biggest looser), Karen James (lost her husband in the Mount Hood tragedy) and many more! It was truly inspirational and I hope to get to go again soon. Here is a picture of some of the girls I got to hang out with this weekend. We took 46 people in all.

I hope everybody has an amazing week. I am off to finish cleaning my house.


Karen said...

Glad your legs are feeling better! We'll have to ask for a late checkout at the hotel so you can soak a little! lol I'm glad you had a good time at Women of Faith!!! :0)

Kayla said...

haha Thanks! I think I will be okay after the race, just might have to stretch for a little bit before I try to walk. haha