Thursday, October 14, 2010

Homemade Lemonade and a few spooks

The other day I decided to make some homemade lemonade. My mom has done this before, but I finally learned how to. I figured I would let some people here know how to make it. It mostly goes by taste, so if you do not like lemonade I would not try it. Also, depending on how tart or sweet you like it is based on how much sugar and water you put in it.
Here goes....

1. Start out with lemons. I bought around 12 lemons however I believe I only used 9. The more lemons you use, the more lemonade you get. The less you use...well you get the picture.

 You start out with one lemon and a knife.

 Cut the lemon in half.
After you cut the lemon in half you are going to squeeze the juice out of it. I would suggest not doing this by hand. I have a lemon/citrus juicer. I bought mine at walmart for around $4.00. I love mine, because not all of the seeds get into my lemonade juice and it holds all of the juice in the glass container.
 Make sure that you push down hard as you are squeezing the lemon juice out of the lemon. Once you think you have finished getting as much out as you can, squeeze the lemon half together and wipe the extra pulp into the juice as well.
 Last, this is the tricky part. This is where your particular taste buds will come in. I like my lemonade a little tart, so you may do yours different.

I start out by pouring all my fresh sqeezed lemon juice in a pitcher.
Then I add 2 cups water.
Once I add two cups water, I add 1/2 cup sugar.
From here, I use my taste. If I think it is to tart, I add 1/2 cup of water.
If it is not sweet enough, I add 1/2 cup more of sugar.

I would not add more than a 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup sugar at a time, because you do not want to get it to watery. I did this once and when you put ice with it (if you like that) it becomes more watered down and does not taste that good.
 Just a little warning. I used around 9 lemons (cut in half) and this is the little bit of lemonade that I got out of it. If you want more lemonade then this, then you will need a lot of lemons.
  I just finished drinking my delicious glass of homemade lemonade and sporting my new hair cut! Not sure how I feel about it yet!  It was one of my best that I have made so far! Not such a good picture of me. I had been cleaning the house since I got in from school.

 And just because they were too cute waiting for a treat. These are my sweet puppies. Well the one on the right in the little fairy costume is mine. The other one, the pumpkin is Brian's dog. :0)
 I also got one of my favorite Halloween movies. I remember watching this show whenever I was little and I loved it! I found it at walmart where they had a Halloween section showing. I am very excited about watching this movie when it gets closer to Halloween.

As for running. I have ran once this week. It is hard not to get burned out when you run 4 days a week and then again on Sat. I am starting to only run 2 days a week since I have my stamina up pretty good. I do not want to overwork it to much before my first half. 8 miles this sat. and then 6 on the following and then it will be close to time for my first half marathon!!!!

I hope everybody has a great rest of the week and weekend!


Karen said...

Looks yummy! :0) I love lemonade!

Kayla said...

Me too! I wish it would make more, than it does with so many lemons! I need around 4 hands to sqeeze all the lemons!

Anonymous said...

I love hocus pocus! it came on abc family the other night and I watched it haha! see you in less than a week!