Sunday, September 12, 2010

A surprise from my Husband!!!

I have had a rough past couple of weeks between going back to work, and some family stuff. It has been an emotional time period for me. My husband Brian noticed that I had been having a tough time through this so he went out and surprised me this week with something. I came home from work and Brian and I had to help my dad find his phone. He had dropped it somewhere. Well as we were walking Brian tells me that THE BED BROKE in our bedroom! I was so upset and did not even know what to think, because it is a fairly new bed. I was running numbers through my head of how we were going to afford a new bed and so much more than that!
He told me not to tell my dad yet, so I did not, but I still did not know what to think. When I got home, he told me to go look at the bed and see if we could do anything about it. I walk into our bedroom expecting our bed to be flat on the ground and I looked all around the bed because....


I could not figure out what that boy was talking about. Well, I was on the other side of the bed and I look up to see something on my bed. Guess what it was.....

I was beyond excited whenever I saw this. I have been wanting one of these for myself and my classroom! It is something I would never be able to bring myself to buy, but I have been wanting one.

Excuse how crappy I look. I had just finished cutting down bushes outside in the back yard!
We hooked up the Bose system and Brian and TJ (our Boxer) started dancing to the songs! I love him so much. He can always make me smile some how.

TJ and I dancing and smiling at the camera!!

In running news, I ran one time this week. I need a small break from all the running I was doing. I was getting way to burned out! I ran 3.5 miles. This weekends run to come! It was an interesting one!

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