Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beyond Busy

Sorry everybody. I have been BEYOND Busy with school, teaching, planning and church. It has been pretty crazy around my house! Last weekend we had game night, Eclipse Movie night and Birthday lunch with a bunch of great friends!
Here are a few pictures from those days....
We ate lunch at the new Saltgrass that we have in town! I was so excited about this, because I had not been there since April!!
We had an Intense Ministries Team come to our church and they were fabulous! They all had their own unique testimony and was able to reach out to some of those people who normally would not come to church. There was one guy who was covered in tattoos from head to toe, but his testimony was fabulous! This was just one of the things that they did.
 We had game night at my house on Friday night and it was so much fun (as always). We played boys vs. girls and guess who won.......Well go ahead and take a guess.....

THE GIRLS of course! 2 different times in a row. We won by one game so it was a close call, but it still counted!
This past week and this week I also took some family pictures for some of these same friends in the picture above. By no means am I a photographer, but I enjoyed taking their pictures for them.
This couple is amazing and I love them so dearly! They have two little boys that are so much fun. I loved being able to get some of these shots of them.
This little boy is such a cutie and so easy to take pictures of. The sun was setting just right and I was so happy with this picture! I just know he is going to be a little heart breaker whenever he gets older.

This week is super busy with Christmas coming up. I am taking a vacation next week and am so excited about it. Brian and I probably will not be taking another vacation like this for quite some time.

I hope everybody is getting excited for Christmas. I know I am!

Question: How often do you take family pictures....even if they are not professional?

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