Sunday, February 7, 2010

5 Miles and Feeling GRRRREAT!!!!!

Since I was not able to run 5 miles last Saturday like I was supposed to do, I decided that I needed to run this Saturday no matter if it was raining, cold or hot. Saturday morning I woke up and I thought about my sister-in-law because she was supposed to be running 10 miles that morning. No way was I going to run at 6:30 in the morning. I got dressed in my tight leggings, running skirt, sleevless shirt and then another off brand underarmor long sleeve shirt. I also had on gloves and a beanie. As I walked outside, a cold wind hit my face, and I knew this was going to make for a fun run. :0)

I set my garmin and started running. Since I live on a straight road, I knew I was not going to just run up and down to equal 5 miles, so I varied it as much as I could. I ran .5 miles down the road, .5 back up, 1 mile down, .5 back up and so on and so forth. Let's just say I had to write it on my hand so that I would remember what I was doing. At around mile 2, I had to take off my gloves, and then at about mile 3 I had to take off my gloves. I ran back my house and threw them on the porch so that I would remember where they were at. Around mile 3.5-4 I had to stop because my shins were killing me. The road that run on does not have much comfort in it. Then I had to stop again around 4.5 miles, because my shins were hurting again. They did not keep hurting whenever I finished my run, so I did not have to ice them. I do need to be careful so that I do not hurt myself as I am training.

I finished up my five miles and I felt like I could run for another mile or so. I was so excited, and now, one day later, I am not sore at all. I am so amazed that my body is not hurting. It took me about an hour to run the 5 miles, but I was excited that I was able to run most of the time without stopping.

Up next week is a repeat of this week as I will be behind a week.


Karen said...

congrats girl! i wish i could run 5 miles in an hour =]

Anonymous said...

good job Kayla! doing too much too soon is one of the most common ways people get hurt, so don't ignore any pain! You are doing great though.

Karen said...

Woohooo! GREAT job with the 5 miles! I know it was cold but you did it! You are getting your endurance up! Yay!!!

Kayla said...

Thanks Karen and Heather!! It felt so good to run that much, but since I had to take this past week off, I feel so yucky!! I am going to redo this past week this week!