Friday, February 19, 2010

Take a Breather and just look

I went out today to run 3 miles. I had not run since Monday, so I knew this was going to be three different things...
1. Hard to run, since I had not run that far since Monday. 
2. A very beautiful day outside
3. Tiring, considering that I had not drank as much water as I should have already

Despite these things, I wanted to go run because I did not want to waste the beautiful weather just sitting inside. This is what I got to look at outside...

A straight open field with beautiful blue skies. Now tell me, how can you not go outside in this. Impossible, that is what it is. Even if it just for a short walk. As I was running I was listening to my iPod and when I got to 2.5 miles I decided to turn it off, because I just wanted to run and think.
I wanted to be able to take in everything that God has created around me and what he has given not only me but everybody to look at.
This is the road that I run down. Despite the fact that it is completely straight, it has some great views off to the sides of the road. The people who live down here are amazing. I have never been that scared to run down this road considering that I am completely out in the country. I love this picture though because it is like you are looking out to forever. You can not see the end of the road (even though I know where it is) you can not tell. It is like your life is an open road, just waiting for you to journey out onto it and see what you can do, find and accomplish.

Sometimes in life we get so frustrated with small things. I know myself that I am a victim to this, and I should not be, but it is hard to get around it. After my run today, I decided to take Milly out for a walk, since it had been a while since I did that. I could probably run about .5 miles with her before she started getting tired. She is my littler explorer and loves to be outside.
This picture is not very good, but she would not sit still. She wanted to go smell all kinds of things. As I was walking her, I was thinking about what I just said, about not getting frustrated or sweating the little things. I looked at the views around me and realized that running has been my release a lot of times in the past few months. It is so nice to just go out (without an iPod) or music blaring, and to just look around at what God has created and what all there is to look at and listen too. 

I thought this was such a cool picture that I was able to take through the trees. Even though the sun was blaring today, it was such a pretty and beautiful day to be outside. 

I was going to go run yesterday, but saw that the road was closed down. Well this is why....They had a lot of pot holes in the road in this area and they decided to fill them in. This rock was not any fun to run on. I walked on it, every time I came to it, because I almost fell the first time. It is not just smooth asphalt. It is very big rocky pieces of asphalt. This was not fun at all to run on!! 

I will leave you with this picture. Remember, if there is a beautiful day outside, even if you only have a few minutes, walk outside and just enjoy the fresh air. Even if you are not running, take a short walk and listen and look at what God has created for us to see.

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Anonymous said...

great pics, glad you had a nice day!

Kayla said...

Thanks Heather! I am sure it probably looks similar over there! It was so beautiful here!!

Karen said...

Gorgeous day! Love the pictures!! :0)

Tricia said...

love the pics!