Monday, February 15, 2010

Kept going and felt great

I did not get a chance to run last week because I was in Austin for most of the week with the TCEA conference. I had a great time there and it was so much fun. I learned so much about different technology and different ways to use it within the classroom. It was a huge conerence and there was close to 8,000 people there. Hopefully after I start teaching I will be able to again.

Since I did not get to run last week, I decided to redo last weeks schedule this week. I started running, planning to only run 3 miles. Instead, I ran 4 miles. Once I started running, I guess since I did not run last week, I just kept going and it felt so great. I was alone just me and my thoughts. It was so nice to clear my head. This is what I wore today. This is after I ran. I love my running skirts!!!!

Next up will be 5 miles on Wednesday, running 3 miles and then walking some and running some on the following 2 miles.
 Here is a picture of my amazing puppy Milly!!!!


Karen said...

Awww Milly!! :0) I LOVE the skirt! Must have been someone AMAZING to give you that as a Christmas gift! Hahahaha Good job on the run!

Kayla said...

Thank you very much to that amazing person, because she truly is!!! Milly loves always being around me. Go figure!! haha