Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hurry Up then Wait

Currently Brian is training right now in school and is doing an amazing job! I have to fend for myself at home, which can be hard, when you just get married and are not used to really living without somebody always there! You know how you are supposed to have that normal, kinda difficult first year of marriage where you are getting used to your finances, habits and just each other in general! That is not exactly what Brian and I have, since he has been training/in school. I keep telling him that our first year of marriage is going to be during our second year. That is when I will officially (hopefully) have a new teaching job, he will officially start his job, and we will be in our home (hopefully where we want to live).

To explain the title of the post. When my dad was in the military he was always doing something that they called Hurry up then Wait! What that means for those of you who do not know is that you hurry up and do everything that you are supposed to/told to do, and then you wait until you get your next orders! This is exactly what Brian is doing right now. He is hurrying up to finish everything and then he has to wait. We are supposed to find out today where we are going to be placed, so I am trying to keep myself busy today so that I will not think about it until I talk to him tonight.

As for my running. I have been really bad. I was supposed to run 5 miles this past Saturday, but it was freezing outside, so that did not happen! Then I was supposed to run 2 miles Monday, but I was busy cleaning all day, so that did not happen either. Well to make it up, I ran 3 miles today on my parents treadmill, because it is freezing outside. It felt amazing to run. I decided to repeat last week this week, so it actually worked out great for me. Now, hopefully I can get Brian to come run 5 miles with me on Saturday. I just have to figure out a good place to run for that long in my town. eeeeekkk!


Anonymous said...

I totally understand hurry up and wait! It's ok to get off track especially when it's so cold!
Praying yall get the location you want!

Kayla said...

Thanks Heather! I know whenever I had to teach, we had to hurry up and wait. It is nice, but sometimes not fun to just wait. lol

Karen said...

The cold weather is no excuse, missy! Get out there and RUN those 5 miles! OWN IT!

Haha just kidding cause I do the same thing...when it's too cold or too rainy, I don't You'll get those 5 miles this weekend, right? lol! :0)

Kayla said...

haha Yes Mam Sergent Karen. J/k. I am going to try to get those five miles this Sat. It depends on how much packing I have to do for my conference and the house. uggggg