Friday, December 9, 2011

A Stranger at the Door

How many of you used to stay alone at home whenever you were younger? If so, how old where you whenever your parents started letting you do that?

(This will probably be a little long, just a warning!)

I was probably around 12 whenever I could and whenever somebody would come to the door I would run and hide if I did not know who it was. I guess I was really nervous about it. I also grew up in the country where we had a baseball bat or firearm in every corner by the doors. Saying that, here is what happened...

The other night I was watching my nieces at their home and they live in a very nice neighborhood. This neighborhood only has about 21 people in it so everybody knows everybody's business and knows who comes in and out of the house. I was helping them with their homework and then all of a sudden I hear a ring at the door. I told them to stay there and I went to the door to answer it.

I knew in my brain not to answer it, but for some reason, I went ahead and did for whatever reason. I stick my little head out and this guy starts telling me about this work job program and I really was not paying attention because I was tired. I told him no thank you and closed and locked the door. I went and locked every since other door as well and then had a discussion with my nieces about how we never open the door to STRANGERS!!!!!!

Whenever my brother got back I told him what happened and he then talked to his daughters about the same thing I did. I started to leave and pulled almost out of the subdivision when I saw 4 COPS in the cul-de-sac. I pulled down there to tell them about what happened and it turns out that two other neighbors had called the cops on this guy as well.


the cop yells, "THERE HE IS, GO GET HIM" to the other cop. This cop speeds past me and the other one zooms past me as well. Turns out the guy crossed the street outside of the subdivision and the cops were going after him.

You talk about a CRAZY night. I was scared to death by the time I got home and laughing all at the same time. This guy will think twice before he comes into that subdivision again.

Lesson for the night: DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR TO STRANGERS! haha

Have you ever had a stranger come to the door? If so, what did you do?


Ali Mc said...

crazy story! I wouldn't open the door at night. Only if I knew someone I knew was already coming over. I think it's a good thing to do what you did. Crazy that the cops were after him lol

I was 10 when my parents let me stay home alone....and it would be for an hour after school lol

Elle said...

I never opened the door to strangers. If I saw someone I didn't know I would ignore it or call out and ask them what they wanted.

Never had any trouble becuase of it though. wow! Scary story. Wonder if he really was just soliciting for his job program?

Suz and Allan said...

Oh my goodness that's crazy! I had a creeper come to my door the other day. I normally answer the door with both 85-lb labs and the growling and barking normally keeps people from even talking much.

I was at least 10 and maybe even 12 before I could stay home alone.