Tuesday, December 20, 2011

White Elephant/Wild Game Christmas Party

Wild Game Christmas Party? What in the world is that? I know that is what you are probably thinking. If you or somebody you know is a hunter that is very easy for them to figure out. This year my brother hunted quite a bit and ended up killing even more than what he expected. The end result was their freezer being very full and not having enough room for all of the other meat from his recent kills.
They decided to have a Wild Game/White Elephant Christmas party for our Sunday School Class. We had tons of great food, friends and fellowship.

The table centerpieces were made from deer antlers that my brother had killed.

They did a great job wit the centerpieces. My sister-in-law her sister and my mother helped to come up with how they would look. 

Each person brought a dessert of side to go along with all the good food. 
 This chocolate fountain is very evil and had lots of great deserts and fruit to go with it.

Our spread of food included Goose, Duck, Dove and Chicken Gumbo. We also had Elk Parmesan, venison (deer meat), Red Stag and Oryx Steak, Venison Wong tongs, Deer Sausage and Alligator.

So much good food and not enough room in my stomach for it all. Do you like the cute name tags with the actual pictures of the animals we are eating. That was my nice touch. I thought it would be fun for the people to see what the were eating. :0)
We ate outside and it was the perfect night to eat outside....

 All the yummy food that was going to be eaten very soon. Everything tasted great and my brother did a wonderful job of cooking it all.
 Brian was trying to learn a few things about cooking some stuff on the grill.
 These two little people have already been matched together by their parents. I am not sure if they have a say in the matter right now. :0)
My wonderful brother and sister-in-law who hosted this great party.
After everybody ate and was completely full we went on to have a great White Elephant Christmas Party. This Christmas Party was not like some White elephant parties I have been too. some people want a "real" W.E. gift and some want funny gifts. This was a funny gift party. I brought a mug warmer (kind of like the candle warmer) and a deer antler cup holder. Mine were funny, but there were better gifts.

The best gift of all was this....
I know what you are thinking....a snuggie, that is not funny. Well here is the story behind it. The person who has the snuggie on graduated from Texas A&M University and is a devoted Aggie fan as well as my whole family (except Brian and I). This person was number 8 or so and out of 16 gifts he choses the UT snuggie. He opened up the gift and some of the things that were said was,

"You have got to be kidding me!"
"I guess the dogs will have a good blanket for their bed!"
"What am I supposed to do with this?"
"I know, I can cut it up into dishrags and use it to clean my car!"

It was priceless the face he gave whenever he opened it and saw what it was. I have a feeling, this gift will be back again next year.
That was the end of the evening though. I got a cell phone holder for my car and Brian got some Turtle Wax cleaning supplies for the car.

And just for your enjoyment, my silly husband and my brother's dog Cocoa.
Brian can not seem to figure out that you can not see his eyes underneath his Santa hat. Cocoa is like a lab in a poodle body! He is so much fun to play with. 

Question: What Christmas parties have you gone to this year already? 

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Suz and Allan said...

The wild game party sounds a lot like the wild game cook offs I've been to. Soo much good food! The snuggie made me laugh. I'm terrified someone is going to get me one of those!

Tricia said...