Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

So I know this is more than a week late, but I have been incredibly busy lately with school and life. I have not had a weekend free for quite a while. Thanksgiving break was great because I got to review/giveaway a Handful Bra, which are amazing, I was out of school for a week and I got to spend Thanksgiving with my whole family.
So it started off with Thanksgiving with my family.

JoVan always makes up a new recipe for the turkey each year and it always turns out great. My family is very large. I have 2 brothers, 2 sister-in-laws, 4 neices and 1 nephew, plus my mom and dad. It may not be as large as some, but it is large for me. That is only my side, not Brian's. These are just a few of my amazing family members.

My mommy and I

Ryan and I

My niece and nephew. 

My sweet niece. 

Brian and I. He came there on his lunch break. 
After the food was ready we were all ready to chow down. Normally I would have done a Turkey Trot 10K, but I was not impressed by the course last year, so I decided not to this year.

Food time........
After we ate and devoured so much food I stayed for another hour or so and then had to hurry home and get ready to head to Brian's family's house.
 Brian and I were so stuffed already, we were not sure if we could fit anymore food into our stomach, but we knew we would have to somehow.
 Milly was being super lazy and loved having her stomach scratched.
 But, she of course had to go check out what pawpaw was doing. :0)
Let's make our way around the table. I love Brian's family. They are amazing and so much smaller than my family. haha
 mother and poppy
 Karen and Jason
 Brian and I
You can not forget about the dogs though. We had so many granddogs. Milly, Maddie, Pixie, Maggie and Lucy. No grandkids yet, but we have granddogs. Maybe grandkids soon. 

After being so full on Thanksgiving, the next day Karen, Kim and I got up at 3 a.m. and started our black Friday tradition. Our first stop is always JcPenny's for the annual snow globe. 
 I have gotten one of these globes every year since Brian and I started dating. 
 All of our loot! So many bags. I was accused of it being all mine, but it was not. I promise! :0) 
We have gone shopping together for the past 3 years I think. I love our tradition. I can see us being 90 year old women and still doing this! :0) 

Thanksgiving and Black Friday were amazing this year and so stress free. I love it whenever it is like that. This weekend I have my 5th half marathon coming up. I am very excited about it. I will have a full recap of it whenever I come back. 

Coming up next will be a Wild Game/White Elephant Christmas Party! Just wait until you see some of these pictures of the things we got to eat! :0) 

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Suz and Allan said...

My sister collects the snowglobes from JC Penney's and this is the first year we weren't able to get one. They were all gone. Looks like you guys had a great Thanksgiving and a very productive Black Friday!