Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beat the Heat Virtual 5K Recap

Friday evening after I had stayed out in the sun almost all day Brian, CJ and I set out for our 5K. We were running at the lake and it was so pretty up there. There are quite a few hills so this run took a little bit longer than normal.

Before our run with our bibs.
CJ thought that I was crazy for wanting to run in a skirt, but I told her it was super comfortable and she should try it. Crazy girl was wearing a band around her stomach to help her sweat a little more. I told her she would sweat plenty in this heat. haha

We took off running and Brian went on ahead of us after poking and playing jokes for a little bit. I stayed behind with CJ and ran with her since this was her first time to run a "5K". She was not sure about the whole idea but is wanting to get back into shape, so I told her to come on. I didn't push her very hard, but I did keep telling her that she could do it and that she would be ale to run this if she kept trying. It was hot, but since it was the evening, it was not too bad of humidity!

We finished the 5K in 40 minutes with lots of stops, because I didn't want my friend to over due it. She did great and I am so very proud of her.

Whenever we got back home Brian had already finished eating and was about to take a shower. I grabbed him and we took a quick picture since it was late and we were all ready to go to bed!

Nice and Sweaty!!! You gotta love it!
Thank you again for everybody who ran in my Virtual 5K. 
You all did amazing and I am so proud! 

This weekend was a busy one where I did lots of different things.  I got my hair cut, stayed out in the water most of the day, and made some stuff with my mom for my best friend's baby shower. It was great being able to relax and hang out with family. 

front of my new haircut. I am still trying to get used to bangs.

Back of my new hair cut. It was much longer before.

laying out in the sun hanging out with friends
I was being silly playing with the timer.

My friend and I hanging out in the sun and water!

 The water is so low at the lake, but it is still so pretty there!


Satuday, Brian and I headed home and then on Sunday we took off after church to a nearby park and did another 3 miles. It was a .56 mile loop and it was so boring having to run around that thing 6+ times to get 3 miles in. I was beyond bored by the end of that run. So, because of that, yesterday I found another park that was right down the road from us. Despite the lack of shade I liked this park much better, because it had a 3.5 mile loop and it was paved the entire way. It was great.We are going to try and bike it next and see how we like that!

I was so tired from this run because it was so hot that I pretty much fell going up the stairs. haha

*Note for next time though: Bring water and carry it with me. I had water in the car, but I didn't bring it with me on the run. 

I hope everybody had a fabulous week. If you have not e-mailed me your address for me to mail you a medal, then please e-mail me whenever you get the chance. (If you would like one). You can e-mail me at,  kaylajean87 AT yahoo DOT com.

Question: Have you ever hosted a Virtual 5K?

Just this past weekend and it was my first one! 

Question: Have you wanted to host a virtual 5K?


Monika C. said...

Looks like a fun filled weekend! I've never taken part of a virtual 5k and actually have no idea how it works. I'll get on that one of these days!

Kayla said...

Monika, I wish I would have known. You could have done mine! You would have loved it!

Lisa said...

Good job on the virtual 5K!

Cute cut too :-)

Kayla said...

Thank you Lisa!!

Karen said...

Great job on the run! :0)